blood retests query

I am going to have a retests of bloods at the end of this month to see how things are and wanted to clarify being off all medication before hand. B12, Vitamins and thyroid medications - please could anybody confirm for me. Also I have tried at least 4 times to put a brief bio on my profile and when I press save they go into cyber space - have given up! thank you.

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You should leave 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test. No point in retesting the B12. You would have to be off it for four months to get a true reading. Apart from that, fast over-night and have the test early morning.

many thanks - I did remember correctly but with the muddle I get myself into I couldn't be sure - brain fog improving slowly and it feels great.


Please click on the Help tab or email to advise them of the problems you are having posting your profile.

Tried again just now but same thing happens - it has to be me surely, yet I follow the instructions to the letter. It happens when I press save and something pops up to say do I want to leave the page or something but no button to press to say yes. I have sent an email but I really think it must be me.

busterboy I think there is something wrong with the site (as happens quite often). I've just written a post on the lung forum and wanted to add a picture of some results. I scanned them and tried to upload the scan, also photographed them and tried to upload the photo, following the correct procedure both times. I've done it before successfully but today it just wasn't happening, I kept getting 'Oops, something seems to have gone wrong' message. I know I did it the same as before, so it must be a blip with the site.

Regarding your question (apart from the thyroid meds and B12 which Greygoose has answered). When I was retesting my Vit D with City Assays, I rang and asked should I leave the supplement off. The answer was to the effect that if I wanted to see whether I was on the right dose to sustain the current level then do not leave off the supplement. If I wanted a base level to see where I would be without supplementing then I would need to be off the supplement for several weeks.

I haven't retested mine yet but I wont be leaving anything off other than thyroid meds.


It really isn't you. Several members have complained that they are unable to 'Save' their profile.

now that is helpful as I want to check my levels with supplementing. thank you. I have been trying for over a week to do a bio - didn't realise it helps all of you when I am asking some questions. I saw a while ago how easily a troll can disguise themselves, so yes, care is needed.

I carry on taking my vitamin supplements for testing, as I want to be sure that they are actually working (so I can increase or decrease as necessary).

thank you - that is what I am checking also, another said the same, so shall take to heart. Thank you.

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