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Very prolonged periods needing iron infusions did levo help you?

around 15 moths ago i was very ill had blood ests and was found to have uat and very low iron,really low so i was put on levo.Now i 12 months on after 10 years i am not bleeding(6 weeks) i had my last iron infusion around a month ago ,i just want to know if anyone has had great results from being on the levo or could it be i am going through the Meno.

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If your iron is low, you can't use levo correctly. It doesn't convert to the T3 needed by your cells.

There are many reasons for lack of menstruation. Over exercise is one, so I wonder if that equates to the same thing as low T3.

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Read a bit back through your history - you've been through a lot, haven't you? Great news that you're having some respite from what in your case hasn't been a monthly event at all... :)

It could be the fact you're finally being well-treated for hypothyroidism, yes. It's just as likely it's the iron though. Most people think anaemia is caused by heavy periods but actually, the heavy periods are caused by anaemia because the blood can't clot properly - or clots in a rather hit and miss way and big time. :)

So perhaps it's a combination of both. Your body needs iron to convert levothyroxine into the active hormone T3, so it might be that finally, your body has everything it needs to serve you well.

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I am hoping that my body is being more normal, i also have endometrosis so when my periods became even more heavy(also the pain was vile) i thought it was that,last year when i was just eating 500 cals a day and putting on weight i thought it was a blip then at the same time i started to itch to the extent i did not sleep for 2 nights as i could not get in to bed,i had tried everything i could to stop itching,i was out of breath bones were painful doing nothing but only knew this as some other members of my family told me,i thought i was going through the meno(and hoping)after i was unable to sleep i went to my gp and bloods were taken,I am not sure what my body has been up to but i feel things are getting better, Now if i can get rid of this vile fatigue i could be back to having myself back.thank you both for your replies xxx


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