A view from the people who know please

Got my blood results back; FT3 4.4 range 3.5-6.5, TSH less than 0.03 range 0.35-5.5, FT4 11.1 range 10-19.8.

I am back taking 20 T3 and 100 Levo as when I dropped the T3 to 10 I didn't feel too good.

I am wondering if my T4 needs bringing up a bit?

Have a GP appt tomorrow and the TSH will freak him out but I will go armed

Thanks in anticipation for your views.

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  • Your TSH and FT4 are low because you are taking T3. Perfectly normal. Your body only hangs on to the T4 it needs - T4 is a storage hormone - it doesn't need much in store because a) it doesn't need to convert much, given the amount of T3 you are taking, and b) you are taking a decent dose of T4 every day.

    So, no, the FT4 does not need bringing up, and neither does the TSH. :)

  • Thank you muchly

  • JayneyWales,

    As Greygoose has said. Low/suppressed TSH doesn't mean you are over medicated as long as FT4 and FT3 are within range.

  • Thank you muchly

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