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Hi All.

I've contemplating self medication with T3 as my GP is not willing to prescribe on NHS. I want to buy uni pharma from Greece, but it's crazy that you can't dicuss it on any forums. So frustrating it's like you just hit brick wall after brick wall with hypo.

Anyway I wondered if some of you guys could PM me some advice on how you source your T3 please? I'd be very grateful. Thanks in advance

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  • I believe it is the LAW in the UK that sourcing prescription medications through other sources (they may not be genuine) is frowned upon, thus we want to keep this forum free from getting barred. The information gleaned from those still suffering/or improved is invaluable to those still on the journey to good health..

  • Geoffers,

    You ARE discussing T3 on the forum. Thyroid UK only prevent posting of WHERE to source medication which is prescription only in the UK on the forum. Members can communicate sources via private messages.

  • PM sent.

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