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small lump on jawline

Sometime ago I put up a post after having found a small pea size lump just on the jawline a gp i saw said it was just a swollen gland and would go down. Its still there and hurts slightly. recently as I had an appt with the gp (a different one this time) i showed him he said because it moves around and isnt stuck to anything its nothing to worry about. is that correct?

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If you have a lump in your jaw, it still there a few weeks/months later and you are worried go to see a dentist. Dentists specialise in the jaws as well as the mouth.

Lots of people have seen doctors who told them lumps in the jaws or mouth they have had for months are "normal", but when they seen a dentist the dentist has diagnosed them.

Likewise if you have an eye issue go and see an optician not a doctor (unless it's conjunctivitis). If you have a sprained ankle that won't get better go and see a physio not a doctor.

GPs aren't specialists and there are other healthcare professionals you can see who have more specialised knowledge.


Thanks bluebug i have a dental appt coming up anyway so will ask then.

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Is the lump underneath your jawline? If it's just underneath and on the jawline then it could be your sub mandibular gland? Mine is permanently swollen and feels soft and squishy and I was diagnosed with Sjogren's syndrome. I thought it was linked to my thyroid cancer cos it happened after I'd had my thyroid cancer removed but, a scan and various tests showed that it was not. I was diagnosed by a dental hospital after referral from my endocrinologist so, your dentist will be able to check things out for you.

Try not to worry and good luck x

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