My order of T3 from Greece arrived! Please help with how much to start?

Hi guys, this is my first post, my name is Suzy and I am hypothyroid and fat. I am on 100 mcg of Levothyroxine and I feed dreadful. My TSH is 6.3 and my doctor says it's fine. I can't live like this, I don't want to be fat and tired all the time. I just got my order of T3 from Greece (thank you guys who recommended this company, they are super fast and nice to deal with). Anyway, I am looking at my precious T3 tablets but I don't know how to start, I was so excited to get it as soon as possible so in this whole excitement I forgot to make a plan :) Please help any advice will be useful. Thanks

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  • gummybon To work out how much T3 to add to your Levo, and whether you need to reduce the Levo as well, you'll need recent FT4 and FT3 tests done at the same time to see where your levels lie. Have you had them done? If so post the results with reference ranges so members can help you tweak your meds. Low and slow is the safest way add T3, you don't want your FT3 to go over range, and taking too much T3 can cause problems.

  • Thank you, I just started today - slow as everybody says, I took half of tablet this morning with Levo, so far so good. I don't have any recent results except TSH it's 6.3. Should I lower my Levothyrxine, I took the same dose today?

  • gummybon You cannot possibly know how much T3 to take or whether to lower your Levo unless you know where your FT4 and FT3 levels are within their ranges. The TSH is of no real use, it tells you that you need thyroid hormone but that is all.

    Please do not take T3 because you want to lose weight. Take T3 because you need it because your conversion is poor. You'll only know how well, or not, you are converting if you have FT4 and FT3 tests done at the same time.

    If you are already converting well enough, with FT4 and FT3 balanced as they should be, then taking T3 could take your FT3 over range and cause you health problems. It may be that all you need is an increase in your Levo. But whatever you need in the way of Levo and T3 you won't know until you get the tests done.

  • gummybon,

    T3 is powerful and needs to be added low and slow.

    Many members introduce just a quarter tablet (6.5mcg) for a week to see how they feel. Headaches and inner heat are commonly felt for a few days but wear off quickly.

    If all is well after a week, introduce another 6.25mcg & so on. Most add between 10 & 20 mcg T3 and split their daily doses. It is useful to test thyroid hormones to ascertain if you need to reduce Levo (or not) and imperative to retest thyroid hormone six weeks after starting, as counter productive to take levels too high & can make you feel very ill.

    Members use private labs - link below.

    Post any results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) for members to comment.


    Private labs testing

  • Thanks you. I'll do it as you suggested, though I took 1/2 of tablet this morning but I feel fine, no problem with my pulse or anything. I'll increase in a week if everything goes well. I'm a bit short with money right now, will have to wait a bit to have enough to pay for tests.

  • Hi gummybon, I'm in a similar position to you so don't have much advice to offer but wanted to wish you well :)

    My weight has been increasing this past year or so and it's really upsetting - totally get what you're saying about not wanting to be like this all the time.

    I bought T3 from the same place as you (they are lovely to deal with!) and hoping things will improve soon.

    Please keep posting how things are going for you. Are you gluten free? It seems to be the way to go and I've been trying though have been caught out a fair few times.

    Take care and good luck! xx

  • Thank you so much for your support Tara277. I will keep posting, that's for sure :) I never tried gluten free diet but maybe I should. It's a bit hard to stick to it but I should definitely give it a go. Thanks again xx

  • HU gummybon. Only just seen your post and read all replies, however I see at end you say you ARE now taking the T3. However I hope you don't mind if I reinforce what seasideSusie suggested first.

    It is imperative to have your FT3/FT4 FT= Free Thyroid. So if you start self medicating before you even know your levels you may (or not) make matters worse.

    Leave it 6 weeks from now without taking the T3 you bought. Have your (fasting) blood test early as possible in day and and 24hrs after last dose of Levo. Only if your body is clear of recent dose and T3 in your system at time of test, will you get a true result, that will then show whether you need it or not.

    So yes on next test ask for - TSH, FT3, FT4, Folate, Ferritin, VitB12, then post your results with ranges included in a New Post, saying what daily dose of Levo you are on.

    The Admins here are very good at interpreting results and giving advice/suggestions. remember we are all individuals and that Test Results are the 1st and best thing to start with. Also leave at least 24 hrs between your last dose of Levothyroxine and having your blood test!

    Also on a daily basis Do you take your Levo with a glass of water and wait an hour before eating? It's the best way to ensure the Levo does its work properly! I know it's lseveral suggestions and questions from me. Like the others here, I'm not medically qualified, but I've learnt a lot from following the advice given by the Admins and some other 'regulars' on here and am managing my health and thyroid better, in conjunction with other conditions I have.

    I have Hashimoto's - Autoimmune Hypothyroidism, in case you don't know what the term means.

    Other conditions, sometimes also mean other medications taken at same time. So a holistic approach to your whole health can help resolve symptoms which also cross a range of conditions. Example: I was also k drew eight and put on Metformin whilst taking Levo which caused other problems so I came off the Metformin. I lost 3 stone in a year.

    I wish you well and 'good luck' . Don't forget to post your results when you have them.

  • I started t3 in January with 1/4 tablet increasing every 3-4 weeks whilst reducing levo gradually at same time. Patience is definitely the key

    Do you have any ft3 and ft 4 levels to work from at all, as a guide? You could be risking some serious health problems if you go too quickly and possibly end up in hospital. It takes the body a while to get used to t3 and If you have a read of some of the old posts you will see that it is on average 3-4x stronger than levo and not something got mess with.

    T3 has been great for my brain function but I haven't lost an once of weight, in fact, weight is still going on unfortunately.

  • Hi can you please tell me where you order your T3 from I'm wanting to buy some I currently buy NDT from Thailand but am looking for alternatives.

    Thanks in advance

  • I was away for a while, I just returned to this forum. I sent you info if this means anything to you now :)

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