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Feeling so Much Better on T3 Update

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I have dropped my levothyroxine down to 75mcg and 25mcg T3 eight hourly.

My daytime naps have vanished and sleeping soundly and waking refreshed and ready to get on with my day,

Prior to starting T3 early April I had trouble walking to our refuse bin area (about 10 yards) and was having severe giddiness and falls several times a day.

I can now easily walk to our local grocery store...a round trip of about a mile.

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Excellent news on your improved health. Long may it continue!

Pink x

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Pixielula in reply to PinkNinja

I don't usually notice names..... But love your name pink ninja

Great to here. Im on t3 and t4 been on it 9 weeks still only sleeping 3/7 nights and feel dreadful. Previously when on t3 I felt much better week 11-14

I was sleeping every night. Woke refresh and full of energy. Actually managed to do a job in house ( pacing myself) my afternoon naps went to 4 hrs to 2.

I was on then t3 10 at 5am and 10 at 2.30 and 175 thyroxine at 9am

Now on the same t3 but my oncologist reduce my t4 thyroxine to 150

Not long I hope till I feel human but inthink stress and hot weather has made me alot worst.

Thank you for the hope :)

Been on-line today buying up my various supplements that I have found helpful. I use a high potency vitamins and minerals supplement and a big dollop of Co-enzyme Q10

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