Anybody got digestive problems?

I have had excessive burping even after eating a raspberry or having a drink of water for 7 weeks. GP prescribed omeprazole for 4 weeks. No improvement and had general bloods taken. Had repeat bloods as abnormal thyroid results but receptionist wouldn't tell me which way. Results should be back tomorrow. I have now noticed that the upper part of my neck looks swollen and I can feel a nodule on the right. I know I need to wait but beginning to panic a little. Thanks

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  • Suggest you have a look at this link...... High acid isn't very common...... Specially with hypothyroidism....


  • Thanks for article. Will take to GP with me on Thursday!

  • Gp's seem to have been pushed into the high acid theory. So much so that my mums doctor screamed at her to take antacids when she had got over a stomach ulcer, caused by helicobactor pylori. I Had to write to the consultant who had operated on mum and he wrote to mums doctor telling her that the H pylori was likely to have got a hold because of the low acid state... Mum self medicates with Lamberts betaine hcl, which we buy from Amazon. ( there are many other brands as well)


  • Hi thanks for your reply. I have looked up helicobacter. Mine isn't acid which not sure if better or worse just burping+++++ if I want to go out for dinner. I have to limit the amount I eat all day. Seeing GP on Thursday Jo

  • Just to add be careful taking Betaine with a stomach ulcer. You are so right about GP's prescribing PPi's, I get annoyed when I think how I was mis treated. x Hope your lovely Mom is much better now x

  • She is fine now thanks. Just takes extra acid when she eats..... Well most of the time she takes it, when i nag her to!

  • That's what daughters are for... x I so miss my Mom.

  • Recepptionists are not medically trained and as such are NOT QUALIFIED to give out results.

  • yes i have it for well over two years under the ENT for it he said it is acid reflux go to see him again next weekend had two lots of medication for this mine started out just with a bad cough so if yours is not getting any better go to the GP dont let it go on

  • Get checked for H Pylori, I had these symptoms. An endoscopy found the H Pylori and a stomach ulcer. I was on PPi's and this was actually making things worse. Stopped them and used Cider Vinigar, Aloe Vera, pre and pro biotics and home made organic bone broth. Gluten /Soy/Dairy free. Just dealing with Gall stones now. x

  • I was suffering from burping and from all sorts of digestive issues for two years. I had a gastroscopy and a colonoscopy as well as many antacids trying to cure them. However, all these were related to my dysfunctional thyroid so I started taking care of my diet, keeping informed (from fellow sufferers as most people here, to whom I am grateful).

    I have now cured most of my digestive issues after going gluten free, taking Hlc and pepsin and when at home drunk 1-1.5 teaspoon of cider vinegar (with the mother) before a meal. I also cured my acid reflux this way which was giving me a horrible taste in the mouth at first and a salty taste later. hope this helps.

  • Thanks so much for all that info!!

  • Thanks for all your info. I have started taking aloe vera. Not actually managed to get my blood results today so just waiting until app to on Thursday with all of these new things to duscuss

  • PPS You can request a scan of your thyroid gland x

  • I do. Keeps me up all night. Had a left hemi last year with a large goiter removed. Gained 25 lbs instantly. Primary says not related to thyroid and that the digestive issues was due to weight gain. I do not see an endo, surgery was with an ENT. Thought I was going crazy...glad I'm not alone.

  • Thanks for your info, am going to GP with a list......

  • Hi. I have my thyroid bloods back now but still waiting for antibody bloods. I saw a locum so not 100% happy as he didn't want to look into my 'burping'

    22/07/16 TSH 11.6 T4 13.1

    02/08/16 TSH 19.4 T4 10.8

    Have got a prescription for Levothyroxine 25mcg for 2 weeks then increase to 50mcg and repeat bloods in 8 weeks. Also asked for a scan.

    Does that sound OK?

    Many thanks Jo

  • I would just start on 50 as that is usually what most are started on. 25 is for the elderly and folks with heart problems. Hope that helps.

    Jo xx

  • Thanks very much!!

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