When it comes to Soy - is "may" okay?

So the first thing I learned when I initially researched hypothyroidism and also since joining this site is that Soy is to be avoided at all costs.

When it comes to food labels - is "may contain soy" okay? I know in the vegan world they say "may is okay" because what it means is that the food is prepared in a factory which also handles soy but that there isn't any real chance of cross contamination.

Is that the same here?

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  • I think along the same lines as you @Shansloan. They don't put soy in it but it comes from a factory (or production line) that handles soy.

    It appears we can have fermented soy, but no unfermented soy in any form.

  • Shansloan,

    I wouldn't be put off by occasional cross-contamination.

  • Well, I'm very sensitive to any form of soy, makes me very ill. But if it says 'may', I think, oh well, what the hell! lol And, so far so good - touch wood! I think you would have to be very, very sensitive to it to notice the tiny amount it would be, if any at all.

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