Since 2008

Since 2008

Like many of you I too had to give up work because of my poor concentration and constant struggle to achieve a balanced medication. I changed surgeries as they refused to test my blood more than 6mths at a time and now I'm allowed to have blood tests when I feel there is a thyroid problem. It was every two months but now I just make random requests which seem to work.

I recently started a relationship and although I've not noticed a lack of sex drive I am having to rest up for days at a time after we've been together; so you see not all in the garden is rosy.

I do two hours voluntary work each week and much as I love this I'm finding it almost impossible as I'm unable to process anything that is said to me; this is the reason I had to leave work in the first place.

The doctor has been very supportive and I can only hope that each person with this condition can find a doctor like mine as I too have had several awful experiences with other doctors.

I've tried riding a bike but I get way too short of breath, hot and exhausted and the trouble is that you then have to get home somehow when what you really need is to lay down for an hour. ha ha

I manage to swim for 30mins once a week in a small local pool but often have to juggle the days to suit my energy levels.

My doctor's only advice is to pace myself and this is what I try to do. I rarely go out at night but am often tempted and I've had to give up dancing. My anxiety keeps me in more than anything. I use one supermarket where I know where everything is and I always park in the same part of the carpark. I never try to carry heavy bags and the trolley is a godsend.

My advice would be to give yourself time and try not to be too hard on yourself as, despite all the labels the profession may put on you, only you know what you were once like.

All the best xx

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  • SewingBee,

    Welcome to our forum and sorry to hear you are feeling so unwell.

    Fatigue is a classic symptom of low thyroid hormone. A doctors "normal" may not be the same level as that which members have found to be most beneficial for good thyroid function. Post any results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) for members to comment.

  • Thank you radd. I get terrible problems with over heating or I getting freezing cold if things aren't right so I know when I have to make a change with my levothyroxine.

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