Freezing T3?

Hi, I've been using the Turkish Tiromel for a while since the Mexican supplier stopped. Last year I bought a whole stock while on vacation in Turkey and noticed a while back that the exp. date was only next September. People on different thryoid forums advised me to just put them in the freezer and they would keep like forever. I wrote to the manufacturer about this and of course they replied they could not guarantee the quality of the product if I were to do so. Stupid me, I put the whole stock in the freezer instead of keeping some in the fridge for comparison.

Since I've been taking the freezed pills I've been feeling weirder than usual. Symptoms that do not only point to hypo but then I also have a lot of other issues going on (adrenal, lyme, etc) so it's always hard to tell with me.

Has anyone ever tried freezing pills and if so, what was your experience with this? Thanks.

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  • Klaproos,

    Freezing Tiromel may extend the shelf life. I've taken Tiromel 6 months past its expiry date without ill effect.

    Perhaps you should order a thyroid function test to check your thyroid levels. Home test finger prick tests can be ordered from Blue Horizon and Genova via

  • I keep my stock of Tiromel in the freezer and just take out 25/one strip at a time, and move it into the fridge. From the fridge I cut up a few pills at a time and keep them at room temperature ready for taking them. I haven't had a problem with potency.

  • That's exactly what I do. So maybe it's just a fluke that I'm having those symptoms. Thanks!

  • As Clutter suggests - you may need a blood test if you are having symptoms appear.

  • humanbean When you freeze them, do you keep them in their foil blister packs and put them in something like a Lock & Lock box? I have enough to last me until their expiry date in August 2018, or do you pop the pills out, put them in a bag and try to make them airtight before putting in a container?

    At the moment they're just in my kitchen cupboard so I'm wondering about freezing them but want to do it the correct way.


  • Yes I keep them in the blister packs (strips) and put them in a Tupperware box. I suppose the blister packs are airtight. I never saw any condensation, they are as dry and hard as unfrozen.

  • I keep them in their blister pack. It hasn't caused me a problem so far. *Fingers crossed very tightly* I just use a tupperware type box with a very secure lid.

    You know those little gel packets that you find in some supplement bottles for keeping the tablets dry? I save all those and use them in my packaging of supplements for the freezer in the hope of keeping things dry. You can actually buy them online for peanuts, although I've never bought them myself. Look for silica gel dessicant packets.

  • Good idea about the dessicant packs humanbean I'll start saving them :)

  • I'm on t3 that is prescribed by my gp and when it arrives there is usually only a few weeks left on the expiry so it seems you're getting a 'fresher' product than I am.

    I do wonder if the freezer might be a good place for it to keep it going for longer, but I thought I read here that it could result in condensation - ? If I remember correctly I think it was Helvella who had something to say about it.

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