Where to get T3 now?

Please can anyone suggest a good brand of T3 and pm me with where to buy it?

I have been taking Perrigo Liothyronine for seven months and was feeling brilliant. The last batch has changed, though they hVe not announced changes. I feel sick, tired and tearful on it, which has happened before when I was intolerant of acacia in Mercury Pharma levothyroxine.

I am using some emergency Tiromel which I happened to have in, but I am not well on this either.

I am desperate to find a good T3. I have to buy it and don't have a problem with doing so. I'd love to go to Marz's villa in Greece but am spent up for this year!

Many thanks,


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  • The only one I feel well on is the French Sanofi Aventis T3 I tried every brand before that. I get mine directly from France I just show my British Prescrition and they prescribe 6 months at a time that my nephew sends over. It costs apprix 3 Euros a box - Do you have anyone in france that could help?

  • Thank you so much for replying. I don't have a prescription or any friend in France, sadly, but it sounds. Great product.


  • Sent you PM where you can order Uni Pharma directly from Greece from a well known supplier.

  • Thank you so much! I have ordered already!


  • Thank you very much indeed! That supplier is well spoken of!


  • Great result. Could you pm me with the details of supplier? I would be very grateful.


  • PM sent.

  • PM'd you.

  • Thank you! Extremely helpful!


  • Please can you email me the supplier details? Thank you

  • PM sent.

  • Please may I get the details of the supplier too?

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