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THE PRICE OF T3 continued

Regarding the post - Extortionate Price of T3 ........

and the Petition

(I hope these two links work correctly) .....

I keep on reading here on HU folk who have had their T3 stopped; also how obvious it is from stories that all doctors are refusing to prescribe T3 to keep their costs down. I'm now needing a higher dose of T3 from the NHS (currently on 40mcg daily) but am too scared to ask so buy it from Greece despite being poverty struck.

The Petition is still live, not sure who started it, I can't find the details. I've got more friends to sign recently. We MUST NOT let this matter OR the petition get forgotten.

Please all - do what you can to support the Petition and it should then get debated by MPs.

Also thoughts please on deluging Jeremy Hunt (Health Sec. still) with letters about the price of T3 in the UK. Or more to Sarah Wollaston, MP and Chair of the Health Committee ?

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I wrote to my MP and the department investigating rip off medicines (CMA - competitions and market authority) - but they told me they couldn't tell me which drugs they were investigating.

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Thank you for taking time to do that. It's soooo frustrating.... :-(


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