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I had a very interesting chat with a thyroid specialist at the hospital where i work the other day i told him i had a private scan and he said why pay when it should have been done by the NHS. i told him the gp said i wouldnt need one and the endo i saw at a private hospital also refused even though i was going to pay. i finally found a clinic 21 miles away who were prepared to do the scan without question apart from asking what thyroid problems i had. i have a hospital appt coming up in october (second opinion arranged by PALS) he said at the very least i should be offered a scan.

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I think because it has been a 'self' request that it is assumed it will cost the NHS monies for probaby no reason, despite the fact that I doubt many GPs know how to palpate our necks and rely upon the TSH alone.

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An ultra sound was part of the diagnosis for me here in Crete :-) TFT's all in range but the scan showed a multi-nodular thyroid - kidneys too !! Thyroid and kidneys on the same Meridian in Eastern Medicine - but hey what do I know :-)


When i told my gp i was paying for a scan she said whats the point as they will find nothing but they found multiple nodules and connective tissue fragments. the gp said well its only 'borderline'


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