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Advice on latest blood test results?

Hello everybody!

Hope I find you all well! So last October I took the plunge and stopped Levo in favour of NDT.i am currently on 4 grains daily. l had my bloods done last Tuesday ( I didn't take any the day before) and the results are:

TSH 0.01

T4 11.4

My GP doesn't test for T3 or anything else so this is all I have to go on. He does not know that I have changed to NDT. The receptionist said that as both results are low, they want to retest in 4 months.

Would anybody care to comment on those results for me? Should I stick with 4 grains now that TSH is virtually suppressed, or should I take a 1/4 increase to raise my T4?

Thanks in advance! Michelle

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It probably wouldn't work like that. FT4 is nearly always lower than you'd expect it to be on NDT. And TSH is nearly always suppressed if you take a decent amount of T3-containing medication

An FT3 result is the only one that can tell you much at all about whether a dose of NDT is sufficient. I'd be surprised though if 4 grains didn't tip your FT3 overrange. That might be ok - some people need to be overrange with FT3.

Most important question - how do you feel?


Thank you for your reply Jazzw. To answer your question - I feel really good! I have good energy levels and am mentally more positive than before. My skin is not so dry any more and I have lost a little weight and seem less bloated around my face, neck and upper chest. I feel leaner and firmer if it makes sense!

I am also following a protocol for B12 deficiency, so take Methyl 5000 subl8ngually daily plus all the Co factors. Both regimes seem to be suiting me.

I am glad to have invested in my health at last after 19 years on Levo. Next step will have to be a private test for T3 info so u have a fuller picture!

Thanks for your help! Hope you're well also! Michelle



The combined T4+T3 dose is suppressing TSH. FT4 is almost always lower when taking NDT than when on Levothyroxine, and will sometimes be below range. This is fine as long as FT3 level is good. We really need a FT3 result before we can advise whether or not to adjust dose. You can order thyroid tests, including FT3, from Blue Horizon and Genova via


Hi Clutter! I definitely need to take one of the tests you recommended - it would really be the final piece in the jigsaw for me! I will stick with 4 grains for now and test as soon as I can afford! I'd better start saving! 😀Thanks again for all your help! Hope you are well at present! Michelle


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