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Can someone please advise me on my lab question?

My Dr let me know my labs were all in range, the only one I questioned was Vit D ...

Vitamin B12. 510 (211-911 PG/ML)

Ferritin. 58.5 (10.2 -265.0 NG/ML

VITAMIN D 30.0 ( 30.0-100.0 NG/ML

FOLATE IN RANGE- 749 reference range >280 ng/ML RBC

Does it look like I might have to supplement VD? I'm really confused where to start if I need to. My Dr assumed I was in range so didn't offer to supplement.

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High folate is ok if balanced with Vit B12 but you are low in VitB12. Cells need Vit B12 to use folic acid (folate) or it may build up in the blood.

I would say you need to supplement: Vit B12 - 1000pg/ml Methylocobalmin - sublingual tablets (under the tongue).

Ferritin - Ferrous Fumarate and take each iron tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation.

Vit D - 5,000iu Vit D3 with a little Vit K2.

A doctors "normal" may not be the same level as that which members have found to be most beneficial for good thyroid function.


Thank you Radd for leading me in the right direction. I'm so annoyed with these Dr's these days. I have another question, when would be the best time to supplement these. I take my synthroid around 8:30 am. How could I space them out? I read B12 and Vit should be taking early in the day as ithe could effect my sleep. That's the last thing I need since I've had sleepless nights recently. Thank you.


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