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My Dr let me know my labs were all in range, the only one I questioned was Vit D ...

Vitamin B12. 510 (211-911 PG/ML)

Ferritin. 58.5 (10.2 -265.0 NG/ML

VITAMIN D 30.0 ( 30.0-100.0 NG/ML

FOLATE IN RANGE- 749 reference range >280 ng/ML RBC

Does it look like I might have to supplement VD? I'm really confused where to start if I need to. My Dr assumed I was in range so didn't offer to supplement.

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Hi There, this helpful article from STTM is all about optimal readings and lab ranges. Hopefully this should answer your questions and give you answers for all your lab result readings:


Personally, I would supplement them all except folate (but that's not a reference range I recognize).


Ferretin and vitamin D are low.

Your vitamin D is right at the bottom, should be nearer the top! You will feel better supplementing.


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