ideas please on weight problem

I have a female relative who is 57, 5ft 4in, and enormous, I am sure its either insulin resisitance or thyroid but wont go to the doctor to find out because when she has been the test is normal- yeah right-- wrong age wrong height and wrong weight-she gets cross if I mention health or weight, probably embarrassment, whichi understand, and wasting her time at slimming world, how can I diplomatically get round this problem, she is very dear to me and I want her to lose this as it collects round vital organs. thanks

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  • How about telling her the same? That you care about her. That you don't want to interfere her life but you worry if there is any health issues it might cause troubles when trying to lose weight.

    You could go rough too and just say with the knowledge you have you can't ignore the fact she might have health issues, that you are not judging her but you know the reason for weight gaining is often not about being lazy, that there are so many different health issues causing weight gain and you don't want her to waste her time and energy trying to lose weight before making sure health issues are ruled out.

    I know it is hard to try to get someone to understand there might be something wrong with their health :(

  • yes Justina thankyou for that I have tried that is a round about way before but yes I will give that a go again..

  • Don't be roundabout - that lets her off! You need to go head on, but start by telling her this is out of love. Its risky, but you will feel terrible when they finally work out what is wrong, but possibly too late.

  • yes I totally agree, ihave to be careful also as she is a nervous wreck and i am not surprised thanks ruthi. I sawa video last year animated on how insulin resistance works andhow itcauses fat to build up and I cant find it- I did keep it butsince I lost all my stuff on pc last year its not here, if anyone has similar please send thanks.

  • Cushings?

  • do youget fat with cushings?

  • Yes, I think so. That's the one where you get a moon face and rounded trunk, isn't it?

    Out of interest, what do you consider "enormous"? Size 20? Size 30?

    Just thinking you might not want to use the word "enormous" when talking to your friend. I'm sure you won't. ;)

  • no iwouldnt use that word ihave to be VERY careful, I would thinkaround 17 to20 yes, she hasn t got a moon face but there is no muscle there in fact her face sort of hangs abit now.. ankles are fat and skin is a bit red too I am very worrid for her. I am thinking insulin rsistance but clearyly fat is round all th e vitalorgans now andwondering how I can tackle it- how it can be dissolved which i will google. and then the task without makingher feel more awkward.

  • Something like this, maybe?

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  • Ah, thank you :)

  • ifound this after yours jazz

  • jazz you are ACE! that was EXACTLY the on ei had an dlost thanks so much, if you find any more sendthem on that is great thankyou soooooooooo much.. xx hugs..

  • except my son put windows 10 on and I cant bloody copy n paste anything and I am so cross.. I do not understand windows bloddy 10andi am gettingmore n more cross

  • It's pretty much the same as Windows 8 (ie awful). From File Explorer, just highlight the item and press CTRL +C to copy and then click in the folder you want to paste to and press CTRL +V. Exactly the same keys to copy and paste text from the internet or a document. See

  • hi angel I was talking about you to my friend early today I said I need angel of thenorth here----- I didn't do all that with windows 8- I just highlightted and copied and pasted it was so simple, this windows 10 is all over the place large writing then small allbyitself allsorts of tabs oopen I hate it- windows 8 has support til 2023 so iam going toget myson to get me back to windws 8.1 I wanted to cope a video that jazz put here I would normally click on the the you tubes then highlight in the top , copy then go to inbox and paste but now I have to , actually I dontknow whati have to do!

  • That's to do with how it is set up.

    Why not just go back to Windows 8.1? If it's been on less than a month you can just go back. You still keep the free upgrade licence in case you want to try 10 again.

    it all depends on what web browser you use. But to copy a link from Youtube to HU, open HU in one tab them You Tube in another. Highlight the YouTube URL in the address bar at the top. Press CTRL+C. Go to the HU tab and click in the reply, press CTRL +V.

    To open the video from HU in your browser, just click the link, same as always. If you don't want to watch it right way, you can create a bookmark to the page (or favorite) depends on browser or just click the Pause button on the video.

    To copy the link to the video, highlight in HU, press CTRL +V, then click in a document or email message and press CTRL +V. Even in 8.1, you couldn't copy a video without third party software or a browser add-in.

    You can use Internet Explorer in W10 instead of Edge, or put Chrome or Firefox on instead.

  • yes my son is going to put it back to windows 8, I need simple things.

  • Right click the video and look for something like copy shortcut or copy link location - depends on browser.That you can paste into the browser or an email

    There is what I would consider a bug in HU that puts in linked picture of the video instead of a text link to it.

  • medical-dictionary.thefreed...'s+syndrome [the link doesn't seem to be working, but it should if you cut and paste.

    Its the 'nervous wreck' phrase that made me think of it. That's not typical of insulin resistance, (but is of hypothyroid, of course).

    I agree, don't refer to her size at all if you can - just weight gain, which is much less judgemental and more medical.

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    medical-dictionary.thefreed... ]

  • thanks ruthi

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