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just back from hospital.My endio has left and i saw a blood pressure was sky high and my pulse was racing due to the fact that i had to take extra prednisolne to get there.. asked about tests suggested and he was quite willlng. However when he fed my info into computer it would not print out the blood requisit form needed as my thyroid was within specified ranges...The best he could do was t3 and 4 which i already have from private lab. ..I asked if he would prescribe a tiny amount of levothyroxine just to see if there was a small improvement, but he said definateley not with such high bp.i tried to explain that when i am not on extra steriods my bp is fine... 111/60/68 in evening and 139/68/70 in mornings but he said no, it would do more harm than good. ..he wanted to know names of thyroid group who were giving out false information so he could report them. Outcome being he wants me to have the t3 4 test and see where we go from there.

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Hi elvera,

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Firstly can you edit your post as there is stuff in here that doesn't make sense at the end.

Secondly some people have white coat phobia so it raises their blood pressure. Doctors and other medical practitioners who know this, if they suspect a blood pressure is high wait until towards the end of the appointment to take a blood pressure again to confirm the reading. If the locum didn't do this for you then your blood pressure reading even on the steroids would be higher due to you just arriving.

Finally what false information has thyroidUK given you?

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wondering where i go from here. if i purchase ndt will i be safe taking it. i dont think thyroid uk has given me false advice. he was the one who suggested they might.


Missed your chance there, you could have given him the name.... British Thyroid Association. ( BTA). Or their sister group the BTF. They give out lots of thyroid information.... Some of it questionable! Lol



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