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Crash! Boom! Bang!

As I seem to be very stupid I end up crashing a lot. I have again over done things, you would think with 16 years experience you would have learned.. Just want to share this with you.

I went picking berries three days in a row on the swamps. Only hour to two hours each day but apparently it is too much. This next video shows how stupid we finns are, naturally I didnt go wrestling and swimming in the swamps but still. We go to swamps even though it is tough, moist, tons of mosquitoes, bears, angry mommy moose and wolves.. Like that was not enough.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

So I started to feel very tired , cold and stiff on Thursday, was +25 but I was freezing and so sleepy. My temperature dropped down to 35. Friday morning I felt simply awful, very tired all day, getting even more stiffer during the day, hitting fatigue wall very hard even though I rested whole day. Slept so poorly, waking up many times, being frustrated and irritated.

On saturday morning I felt dizzy, tired and cranky, barely able to walk, aching muscles, rested all day. Sunday was not any better, rested all day. On Monday I was tired and ridiculously cranky.

Today I finally started feel more like human being and was able to sleep good.

Funny and sad thing is it happens the same way each time and I do not learn :(

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(((Hugs))) Justiina. Hope you go on improving and remembering not to overdo it.


Hi Justina.

I could relate to how you feel other than feeling cold. I used to overdo it every day being a mum to 3 and I'd crash all the time. I would say I crashed most weeks several times until I went on thyroid medication. I am 2 months into meds and now crash less often but daily still feel very tired every day so I do listen to my body and rest because I hate how crashes make me feel.

Try to pace. When that amber light comes on warning you to slow down or you'll crash, listen to it!!! I know it's hard but when you feel some tiredness and weakness hitting sit down and rest, take a day to recharge. Don't do too much in one day either.

Big hugs xx

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I am very bad at listening to my body that way and it irritates me as I enjoy so much picking berries and going walking etc.

Next two weeks will be rough as my brother, his wife and their 8 months old son and dog are visiting me for two weeks. But I get to see them so rarely and first time meeting my nephew! Excited and a bit sorry can't so much with them.

Good to hear you are crashing less !!! :) you have had far worse symptoms as I do , and very traumatic events in your life.

with eating right and supplements I have been able to get rid of some symptoms and with these I get now I can live somehow.

Next blood drawn in two weeks and saliva test waiting to be done at the same time to see what are my adrenal glands doing.


I assume you know to have the earliest possible blood test and don't eat before it, although you can drink water.

Also allow about 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test and take it afterwards. This allows TSH to be at its highest as that seems to be the only result doctors take notice of.


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