Frustrated and ill - reassurance, anyone?

I had hoped to post my latest thyroid bloods today to get some advice on why I am feeling so ill - in bed a lot, weak, tingly hands and feet, brain fag, headache, nausea, malaise. Can't believe I was working five months ago. GP has diagnosed CFS - a dustbin diagnosis if ever there was one. The surgery have lost my thyroid blood results (only the thyroid ones, not the other ones), so I have to start all over again now. I have reluctantly started taking 10mcg citalopram today, after trying to hold off the depression, but it has become too bad now and I need to keep sane. I have a Skype meeting next week with Dr. BH about my high cortisol issue and hope that when my adrenals have been addressed I can then try NDT.

Here are the other bloods which did come back, but probably not much use without the thyroid ones:


Free T4 (11-22)

Free T3 (.35 - 7)

Serum B12 970 (223-1132). Am supplementing 1200 ug daily sub lingually

Serum folate 14.7 (4.6 - 18.7

Glomerular filtration

GFR greater than 90

GFR (mdrd) greater than 90

Serum electrolytes

Sodium 133 (135-145) - stopped taking SSRIs after two days

Potassium 4.8 (3.5 - 5.5)

Bicarbonate 28 (22-30)

Urea 3.2 (2.5 - 7.5)

Creatinine 58 (45-84)

Total white cell count 8.9 x 10*9.l (3.5-11)

RBC 4.66 X 10 12.l (3.8 - 4.85)

Haemoglobin est. 146 g/l (112-148)

Haematrocrit .432 l/l (.340-.450)

MCV 92.7 fl (80 - 100)

MC Haemoglobin 31.3 pg (26.2 - 33.8)

Platelet count 409 X 10.9 *9L (150-400) High, GP made no comment

Neutrophil 6.1 X 10*9L (1.8 - 8)

Nucleated red blood cell 0 X 10*9L (0 - .1)

Lymphocyte 1.9 x 10*9L (.6 - 4.4)

Monocyte .8 X 10*9L (0 - .8)

Eosinophil 0 X 10*9L (0 - .5)

Basophil 0 x 10*9L (0 - .3)

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  • You've only put the ranges for some of these :) What were the results? (especially TSH, FT3 and FT4)

  • As I said in my post, the bloomin doctor's lost them so I have to have them done again.

  • Oh rats, sorry - didn't read your post properly, I'm so sorry. Not firing on all cylinders myself at the moment.

    {big hug} It's rubbish feeling so poorly, isn't it? Could you afford to have some private tests done? What a crap doctor for losing them - how the hell do you even do that in this electronic world of ours? Wouldn't the lab keep a record??

    Hang in there. I think you'll find most of us agree CFS is a bucket diagnosis and that something else is going on. Don't lose hope. x

  • Hi Jazz, when you say private tests, do you mean TSH, FreeT3 and FreeT4? Don't they take as long to do as the NHS, assuming they don't lose them of course. Is that through Blue Horizon or Genova? The receptionist is going to contact the lab and let me know later. She suggested they might have taken it upon themselves not to run the tests as I had them done in June and they were 'normal'. I am trying to hang on in there and keep hopeful. Thanks for your reassuring message and hug. S x

  • If the NHS lab was on the ball they could do them quickly - and do, for hospital patients. Blue Horizon, one of the private labs, will usually deliver results for thyroid tests within 2 days of receipt. Sounds like you shouldn't have to if they're going to redo them. But it drives me bats when the lab overrules a doctor's request - it just shouldn't happen, but it does.

  • Just had a call from the doctors. A very helpful receptionist has phoned the lab. They did do the tests, omitted to forward them to the surgery, which they will do tomorrow, so I can post the results then. Thanks for the tip. Minor crisis solved!

  • Oh, that's good news. :) Not too long to wait, either!

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