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New to forum but not to thyroid problems

Hi, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism some years ago by my diabetes consultant. I have had type 1 diabetes since 1991 and apparently both conditions are auto immune related.

I take 100 microgrammes Levothyroxine a day. Recently I was feeling very weary so we upped my dose to 125 but this resulted in higher than normal T4 and very low TSH so I was told to cut it back again.

Since then I've lost some weight and been exercising more and my most recent blood tests show my dose may still be slightly high, although my energy levels are definitely better and I have no hyper symptoms.

I'm interested In Hearing from others with diabetes and thyroid problems.

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I am 38yrs old. I have had Gestational Diabetes twice, which puts me at risk to get type 2 diabetes. My last baby was born 10mths ago, & in that time I have already moved from "at risk" to "pre diabetic". I have followed a low sugar diet for the last 30yrs. I have consistently worked out 4 times a week. I have never drunk alcohol due to the sugar content. I have never been bigger than a size 8 or weighed more than 8st. (Though, before I started self medicating, it got to the point where I ate only 500cals a day to maintain my weight-Doctors told me I was lying & I must be secretly eating, as my tests showed I was "normal" despite a the 100's of under active thyroid symptoms I had.)

For the last 3yrs I have followed a very low sugar diet. I now also follow a low carb & gluten free diet-To help support my insulin resistance & thyroid issues.

I have suspected a thyroid issue since my 20's, but always been told I'm "normal". I new I wasn't-I have been self medicating (with the help of a private Dr) for the last 8yrs.

Finally, my NHS doctor has agreed (20yrs later) that I have an under active thyroid. (so clearly, I am currently under medicating. I was scared to over medicate, but through this forum I have found private blood testing, so I can increase & monitor closly.) For the last 8yrs I have taken NDT & T3 (& some supplements) & am now trying upping my NDT each fortnight, to address my current under medicating issue. (& taking supplements to address low B12 & iron) I have decided to continue to go it alone, rather then have the NHS be in charge, as they don't seem to know nearly as much as they should.....

I am new to this forum & I have learnt more in the last 2weeks here, than in 20yrs (of dismissal) of trying to work with the NHS!!!!

Post all your results & ranges on here (in a separate thread) I have learnt that doctors say results are "normal" or "in range", but fail to take into the fact that we need many of our results to be "optimal", to feel close to well.


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