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Advice on liquid form of levothyroxine compared to tablet form. Any benefits? Looking for a Vegan option!

Hello, just wanted some advice! I have recently turned vegan and have just noticed that levothyroxine has lactose in it. I have researched and found out that the liquid form of levothyroxine has no lactose in. I have contacted my GP and they have said they will get back to me as to whether they will prescribe this to me because it is very expensive. If my GP will not prescribe this where would I be able to buy privately and does the liquid form of levothyroxine work better than tablet form?

Would appreciate any advice on this, thank you!!

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Ask your pharmacist to source levothyroxine without lactose. If you email Thyroid UK they should be able to advise you on suppliers.


Hi, thank you. I did contact my pharmacist but she said the only one was liquid levothyroxine and it was very expensive and the GP will not prescribe it because of the expense. I will try Thyroid Uk.


There are different pills available without lactose as a filler, I believe.

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fifi6 There are lactose free tablets, special order European Aliud Pharma and Henning -

Take these details to your doctor or pharmacy if your GP is willing to do a special order.

Eltroxin Oral Solution is lactose free - see UK Liquid Synthethic Levothyroxine on that link I posted above.


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