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I was finally diagnosed with hypothyroidism after a miscarriage, but had had symptoms for 20 years before that. Put on Levo which made me feel even worse- could barely function with extreme fatigue, bad hairloss, fluid retention etc etc. Finally 8 months ago switched to NDT in the form of NatureThroid, and gradually built up to 3.5 grains. Felt great with much much less fatigue, hairloss stopping and weight loss. My TSH was obviously very suppressed (<0.01), which the GP was not happy about but I explained that that is what NDT does.. My FT4 remained unchanged (circa 12.4) and initially my FT3 was around 6.1 which the GP was also upset, but I was determined to treat based on improvements in clinical symptoms and I felt great. However in recent months I've been feeling v tired again with severe hairloss. TSH and FT4 remain unchanged, but of note is that my FT3 has dropped to 4.6 . Not sure why that would happen? My Ferritin values on the low side (37), but unchanged from when I first started NDT- am working on increasing this based on ideas in this forum (Vit c with iron etc). B12 is normal, and Vit D is low (as before), and I am supplementing. I am also gluten free and have been for around 8 years now. Shall I increase the NDT dose and is this normal> Any tips/ ideas gratefully received.. Thanks to all in advance

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Sangrom Can you list the supplements you are taking, along with the dose, to see if you are taking adequate amounts for the levels your vits and mins are at (list test results with reference ranges too).

Also, you say B12 is normal, what is that result too.


Thanks Susie.

Vit D is 55 (range 70-140). I take Vit D3 at 5000 IU 2-3 times per week as any less doesn't seem to touch it.

B12 is over a 1000 (range is 160-800)

Ferritin is 37 (range is 10-120). I take 1-2 Ferrous Sulphate 65mg tabs per day away from coffee, one of which I supplement with 1000mg of Vit C)

In addition, 3.75 grains of NatureThroid


Sangrom OK, a little tweaking needed :)

Vit D really needs to be 100+ and 5,000iu 2-3 times a week isn't enough. Start taking 5,000iu daily. I have got my level at 150 and I take 5,000iu alternate days and in the winter I will be increasing that to 5 x a week. Are you also taking K2? When taking Vit D it aids absorption of calcium and K2 directs the calcium to bones and teeth rather than arteries and soft tissues. If you're not taking K2 already then look for a good K2-MK7 supplement and take it at a different time of day to your D3. Both are fat soluble and need to be taken with good fat, so take with meals containing some fat.

Ferritin - oh dear, that's not good. If you are tolerating the ferrous sulphate well then increase that to 3 x daily which is what doctors prescribe I believe. And as you are doing, 1000mg Vit C but with each dose to aid absorption. Make sure you take your iron supplement 4 hours away from your NatureThroid - a bit of a juggling act but you need to work that out. If you have been taking your iron anywhere near your NatureThroid that could be why your FT3 has dropped, because it has affected the absorption of NT and it isn't working so well.

B12 is lovely, you might want to take a maintenance dose if you've had to supplement to get it up to that level.

I don't take NDT so am not an expert. Sorting out your Vit D and Ferritin might help, but that doesn't rule out an increase in your NatureThroid. You could maybe add another quarter grain and see how it goes, or maybe go up to 4 grains. Sort your Vit D and Ferritin first and then look at your NatureThroid perhaps.


Thanks so much Susie! Such helpful advice which I will def implement. Will also get some K2. Re the iron and NDT, forgot to say that I am always very careful to allow at least a 4-5 hour gap between the NDT and the iron. Just not sure why the FT3 has dropped as my ferritin and Vit D have always been along these levels since I started the Naturethroid. Does anyone else have experience with FT3 dropping when on a consistent dose of NDT?


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