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Dear NaturalHealth365 subscribers,

Because THEY don't want you to know about the Alzheimer's and Dementia Summit - which begins in 48 hours >>> Click here to REGISTER TODAY

Let me take you 'behind-the-scenes' of this extraordinary event - which has taken up most of my free time for the past 10 months ...

Back in May, I hired a professional marketing firm in New York to help me share the news about this event and the hope was to literally reach millions of people by this time.

A press release was created ... beautiful banners were designed and the entire structure of our advertising was ready to go - including a massive advertising campaign on Google and a clear plan on how to advertise on Facebook.

But, instead of reaching millions of people - I got CENSORED.

In my mind, "THEY" - the pharmaceutical industry does not want you to see this event. What makes me so sure? (keep reading)

Within 48 hours of placing our first ads on the internet - THEY SHUT US DOWN. Keep in mind, the marketing firm we hired has over 40 years of experience and they told me that this has NEVER happened to them before.

(And, believe me, they spend a lot of money on Google ads - every month - and, even have direct access to a 'personal Google rep.')

Could this be the reason? The Alzheimer's Association had its 'Alzheimer's awareness' month in June. And, their message is 'there's no cure ... just donate money for research.'

Gee, I wonder, you think they would appreciate our message about natural ways to prevent disease and improve memory? (I don't think so ... and they are heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry)

Thankfully, I still have the support of YOU and all my other friends - within the Wellness industry. So, I remain confident that WE WILL CHANGE LIVES for the better.

Click here to reserve your FREE spot for the Alzheimer's and Dementia Summit and please help us to spread the good news!

You CAN prevent and reverse Alzheimer's and dementia - despite what you've been told by conventional medicine.

I'll see you at the summit!


P.S. Register now and receive 3 FREE gifts including, Brain Defense: What to Do About Heavy Metal Toxicity with Christopher Shade, Ph.D.

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bluepettals - have a read of what those darn spirochetes are doing:

Scary huh?

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yes I know cinnamon girl it horrendous


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