Cynomel vs. Cytomel vs. Uni Pharma

I was a cynomel (grossman) user for many years. I overcame a RT3 issue with the help of Dr. Lowe and I had been pretty steady on 75mcg of Cynomel - (25mcg - 3x per day).

THEN as we all know- cynomel was gone.

My GP went back to writing me scripts for (pfizer) cytomel. BUT I feel like something changed. I definitely gained weight with no changes to my lifestyle.

I am using same dosage.

So I have ordered some uni pharma but have read posts where people say it is weak.

I have read the RT3 web site where Val from Stopthethyroid madness says Uni Pharma is weak as well.

I am HOPING though that the excipients are what might at fault and the change miht actually be a good thing.

Has anyone had experience going from grossman cynomel to uni pharma?

Has anyone used cytomel?

My recent blood work has my FT3 mostly mid range - so I am thinking top of the range is preferable.

Thank you for any insight. I live in the US and am grateful for this site!

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  • I have used UK T3 and had ups/downs with supply .

    I use Unipharma and have had no problems at all with it. As long as you're on the correct dose for you (in some products whether levo or others it might not be an identical dose).

    I am happy plus well (the most important) on Unipharma.

  • gymgirl,

    You may just need a slight dose increase. Differing brands have differing strengths and affect people in differing ways.

    If your iron and nutrients are optimal and thyroid blood work was only mid range, you have room to increase your dose.

  • This guy you are mentioning as a "reference" don't have a clue what he is talking about. He is saying that LA Pharma is good T3. This is not even a medication but rubbish strictly for bodybuilders! I tried it (since I tried most of T3 brands on the market) and it is absolutely the worst thing ever. So I am pretty much certain that he never tried all this brands he is talking about and he just wrote this old post to be interesting. Uni Pharma is fine, there is not much difference between it and Grossman.

  • Could you give us a link to Dr Lowe discussing LA Pharma, please?

  • Not Dr Lowe, my God I would not call this man "a guy", I respect him and his work and by the way, as far as I know, he was never comparing T3 brands, he was a serious scientist. I am talking about this guy having a blog RT3, he is serviceman or something and self proclaimed "expert" in thyroid. He is the one who talked about LA Pharma and said that it is very good.

  • Link?

    Oh, and editing your post later, after someone has answered the original just makes things impossible for people to understand. You've removed your reference to Dr Lowe, I notice.

  • Just told you, I was not talking about Dr. Lowe, so I can't give you any link with him talking about it.

  • So who was saying that LA Pharma was good stuff?

  • RT3 blog, I forgot the name of the guy who keeps it since it's very old, first time I saw it was some 4 or 5 years ago and it's written in a very primitive format. Read the original post, person who wrote it is mentioning him as a reference about which T3 brand is weak or not, not Dr Lowe.

  • Are you talking about this site?

  • Yes, that's the one. Anyone who can say anything good about something that is not even recognized as medication but is a stuff only for bodybuilders either don't know what he is talking about or is making things up to be interesting.

  • I never edited any of my posts, I just replied to you that I wasn't talking about Dr. Lowe.

  • Ok good to know- I did use that RT3 site to learn a lot of about rt3 and was "worried" about my order of uni pharma coming in.

    Dr, Lowe was a fan of Cynomel from Grossman and I ordered and used it based on his recc.

    Sad that its gone- but I also did survive the vanishing armour and naturthroid in US around 2009/2010.

  • Well lots of websites are telling the same story about RT3 so this RT3 blogger could have found it and put it on his blog anytime. Consider that many bloggers are working for money, so he could give good comments for meds for which somebody paid him to do so and some didn't so they got bad reviews from him.

    About Dr. Lowe, I think that you are wrong, he was always talking about Cytomel not Cynomel. Anyway, I was on Cynomel and now I am on Uni Pharma, for me they are very similar.

  • You are right- I always forget bloggers can be paid. As for Dr.Lowe - as I spoke to him on the phone (paid consult) I can absolutely tell you he told me to but grossman cynomel from Mexico and gave me the pharmacy name. Maybe in his writings he referred to cytomel as the most know T3 brand at the time?

    Anyway - my post was looking for feedback on my upcoming uni pharma - hoping its going to be similar to the cynomel.

    As soon as Cynomel was gone I had a weight bump :(

  • Yes, I guess in his writings he was always mentioning Cytomel since it's best known and so synonym for all other T3s.

  • I was on Mexican Cynomel while it existed. Now I am on Uni Pharma. I take the same dose (100mcg) and I feel the same. Never tried Pfizer's Cytomel so can't give my comment on it.

  • With your 100mcg you take 25mcg x 4 times a day?

  • Coincidentally, I have just been reading the Cytomel U.S. Physician Prescribing Information and notice that it recommends once-a-day dosage.

    This was also recommended by Dr John Lowe. It might be worth trying to see if it improved the effectiveness of the medication.

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