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Pharmacy companies - Tiromel

Not sure if we are allowed to mention online companies based in the UK? It is just that I did some research yesterday and I asked if a US company to see if they supplied Lithyronine to the UK (I know about the other link) and they sent me a link to their sister company in the UK. Mixed reviews when googled, but the actual medication is really cheap. Almost too good to be true. But I just wanted a comparison on price. Get this, according to this website you can get 100 x 25mcg tabs for £9.75! with free shipping over £50! So if this is true (I have sent an email to confirm), why can't the NHS get a new supplier?? The name of the brand is Tiromel - what do you think????

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You are not allowed to name companies where you can get UK prescription-only meds without a prescription, regardless of where they are based.

There is only one UK manufacturer of liothyronine. I assume that the company you have found must have the T3 shipped to them from their US counterpart.


Hi Louise, I know there is only one company for the UK and I appreciate that it is prescription only, hence the reason I have not mentioned this name. In answer to your question, I am guessing they ship them from somewhere, I think it is Turkey. I was just shocked to see how the prices differ so much to what the NHS say it costs. If we can find out about this, it just makes me cross as to why the NHS will not take it further. :)



Hopefully NHS will take it further after The Times investigation into the rip-off cost of Liothyronine and other drugs.


Clutter, thank you for sending me this article, very interesting reading. (I had not seen it before) I was shocked to see how much it had gone up, although I knew it was expensive. It is amazing that they say that they find it difficult to keep the price down, but other companies are able to provide it cheaper albeit out of the UK. The mark up in the UK is incredible. :)

Tiromel is manufactured by a company called Abdi Ibrahim in Turkey. £9.75 is a total rip-off as it is five or six times the price it is available for in Turkey! Tiromel is not licenced in the UK. It's a perfectly good medicine, it just hasn't gone through the process to get a UK licence (at this price / volume it would not be profitable to do so).

The NHS clearly couldn't care less about the money it is wasting (nor does the Government). Given the will a way would be found to import Tiromel or impose price regulation on UK liothyronine. There is no reason why liothyronine could not be sold for 2p a tablet instead of the current price of £9.22.


Hi jimhill, The £9.75 price tag is for 100 tablets, but surely that has got to be better than paying the ridiculous figure that the NHS stipulate it costs and you only get 28 at a time. I agree that there should be a regulation on the price of UK liothyronine. I think it is just a get out clause for the Endo's and GP's as they seem totally against it, so they use the price tag and the health implications as there reason for not prescribing. :)



Tiromel costs €2-€3 per 100 x 25mcg over the counter in Turkey so the £9.75 cost online is considerably inflated even though it is considerably better than the £9.22 per tablet NHS pays for Mercury Pharma 20mcg.

I am guessing though even though it costs so little in Turkey itself, you would still have to pay shipping fees. Where I am guessing that the £9.75 really has the shipping included?? I am still getting over the article you sent me and it all makes sense now why I am being taken off. Just confirms what I already knew, it was the price tag and not the health benefits it would have for us all.

The cost of buying 100 Tiromel tablets from the recommended reliable seller abroad that some members use is £20 including shipping, so for anyone wanting to buy it themselves then the UK supplier works out at about half the price depending on their postage charge for orders less than £50.

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I think the postage charge below the £50 threshold is £8 - so in a way there is not much difference. as you say Seasidesusie, the reliable seller is £20 and this new one would be £17.75 including shipping costs.

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JOLLYDOLLY That's useful to know about their postal charge. I suppose anyone who regularly uses Tiromel can buy enough to go over the £50 threshold so could then benefit from the cheaper price :) .

That is what I was thinking SeasideSusie :) I will most probably pay the postage the first time, just to see if they are reliable and then review it after that. If you use them, let me know how you get on with them and I will do the same and keep you updated. :)

JOLLYDOLLY I use Unipharma T3 and have enough for a couple of years as I only use half a tablet a day at the moment. But please do report back, it will be very useful information :) .

Thinking about it, £8 postage is a bit steep for what's basically a very small, lightweight package. I don't mind paying the actual postage cost for something to be delivered but sometimes suppliers take the p**.

They certainly do lol! I guess they have to make a bit of money out of it! I will keep you updated though SeasideSusie :) Just to confirm - Unipharma T3 is this the one from Turkey, I am not good with names/brands?? Abdi Ibrahim is the brand on the link I am referring to?? I am on 20 mcg a day but advised to go down to 10 mcg which is a pain - The idea is to be "weaned off" but I don't want to be weaned off as it helps me. :)

JOLLYDOLLY Abdi Ibrahim is Tiromel from Turkey. Unipharma is T3 from Greece.

I don't think I'd want to be weaned off if I felt it helped me either. Stick to your guns JD, look after yourself for as sure eggs is eggs these doctors don't do much to look after us!

My GP doesn't even know what I've done, probably doesn't care, she's a TSH only woman so she can shove it. I'll take my levo prescription thank you very much, try not to arouse suspicion, dodge every thyroid test they want me to have, do my own testing, and get on with it myself :) .

PS - I got my bolshy head on today :)


Ha ha so have I SeasideSusie!

I have decided to source it myself. Just titivating with a complaint I made about the Consultant. What I want is a Gotcha moment, so when they try to tell me I didn't need it after all, I can say well actually blah blah blah, so stick that up your budget lol! What expiry dates are on your medication if you don't mind me asking? :) I love your doggie. We have a Westie! :)

JOLLYDOLLY Expiry on my Unipharma is July 2018.

I love Westies, got to know them after I got my dog and she made friends with a local one, he's lovely :) . Mine's a Bichon Frise, hard to tell from a small photo, people think she's a poodle!

Seeing yours in a hat, we had a fun dog show here last week and one of the categories was 'Dog on holiday', the dog that won it was a beautiful Afghan wearing a doggie baseball cap and a bandana :) .

I hope you get your Gotcha moment!

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Your doggie is so cute, what is her name? The westie in the pic, Emmypuds, is no longer with us :( she passed away in June last year, we were devastated, still are. She was grumpy that day we took the photo as it was a Christmas hat and she hated having her ears covered. Our other Westie Lottie Paws, is so funny, her ears do not stand up as she has had a lot of health problems, but she is as mad as a hatter and a yapper!

Would you mind, sending me the link to where you got your medication from Seasidesusie? Many thanks :)

JOLLYDOLLY Poppy is my pooch :) . So sorry about Emmypuds, it's so hard losing a pet :( . My son has Poppy's sister and her name is Lottie, she's a barker, he also has their niece Lilly but that was a complete fluke, didn't know they were related when he got the little one as it was a different breeder.

I will PM my source.

Awww bless - I love the names! So we have more in common then we thought lol. Thanks for messaging me :) x

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Top bird ! I do exactly the same SeasideSusie Feck em :P


Yes I agree - feck em literally! ha ha ;)

Jayne ;)


Jollydolly, Tiromel is in 25 mcg tablets not 20 mcg but you can easily nip of 20% if you want.


Thanks jimh111, I realised when I was responding earlier, but as you say, I can nip where necessary lol ;)

How much is that in £ please? X


About the same.

Yes, my comment about £9.75 being a rip off was meant in jest. It is much more than the price in Turkey but very reasonable when you consider the costs involved in running the business and shipping.

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Oh I see jimh111! I just hope that this new link is a reliable one and we all have peace of mind in case we need it. :)

To be honest I'm quite happy to pay £15 for a pack of tiromel even though that price is hugely inflated compared to the actual price payed in Turkey. At least it means the nhs aren't being ripped off and charged about £900 for the same amount of t3 if I get it on prescription.


Chloe, It is a shame we have to pay at all and that the NHS do not license more companies. But at the end of the day, the prices quoted from other sources are more affordable and another option. At least is doesn't look as negative as it did at the beginning of the week.

Take care

Jayne :)

You are right,it is a massive shame that the nhs allow themselves to be absolutely ripped off and also refuse to supply lifesaving medications because they can't get them any cheaper!

However t3 is a relatively cheap med to source you self if you are willing to self medicate.

Do pm me if you want any more info.

Chloe x

Thank you Chloe I will do that. To get another supplier will be brilliant. Thanks :) x

I have been using tiromel for ages, perfectly OK. A friend who lives in Turkey brings it when she comes. The difference when I first started to take it was a light bulb coming on in my mind!

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I have tried different dosages, took me a year of experimentation and I settled on one quarter of a 25mg tablet along with my usual 100 mg of levo.


I normally take 20 mcg of the T3 per day and 250 of the thyroxine, but I am guessing that the 250 dose will come down if I was on 25 mcg and then I can reduce that dose too, if not feeling right on it. Up until they started messing me around, I was on 200 mcg of thyroxine and I felt fine on that so that is what I want to go back too.

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I would stay clear of the company you have just mentioned, as that is the company I was directed to and the same price. Have since been told of other links which are reliable and cheaper but I haven't used them yet.

The reason that the NHS won't get a competitive Supplier is that the Endo society have not endorsed the T3 medication, despite the evidence supporting it. They hide behind the so called dangers. But the studies they refer to have no real significance to people with thyroid problems. The dangers they refer to are the people with out a thyroid condition that take high doses to supplement their body beautiful and also use as a slimming agent, so like with any medication it is bound to be dangerous.

If you want the link, I can forward the links I was given, they seem authentic and reliable but I haven't used them yet and I am not medically trained. No one has suggested otherwise. Just message me. But as Louise says, we are not allowed to mention here any company that supply T3 without a prescription.


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