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Can't up levo

My bloods results were TSH 3.31 T4 17.9 so doctor said up by 25mg off levo once a week as I have to do it really slowly as 6 weeks ago I tried and I had bad migraines headache all night and part off next day ,also jaw feels if it's being tightened and sinus around eyes sore so had stop raising dose then ,bloods then were 0.64 tsh and 19.7 T4 ,was only going to raise once a week but had to stop . 6 weeks on 75 levo and my tsh had jumped from 0.64 to 3.31 and some nights I can't sleep at all ,maybe the heat is effecting my thyroid at night as I take levo at bedtime . Have no migraines this time and jaw only slightly sore which is good I did have a massage tree weeks ago before my bloods and was very ill with inflammation all over my body which has stopped ,would that have raised my TSH , any advice please and I am on. GF diet , I was taking selenium ,zinc and adrenal extra tablets and magnesium ,Any advice please .

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What about B12, vitamin D, folate and ferratin? They all need to be at very good levels

Do you have Hashimoto's? If so are you gluten free?


Hello Maggiemay,

I have/am suffering from similar symptoms to you, and not many people seem to experience this, looking at the number of replies you received.

I have had this imflamatory feeling, got swollen knees and ankles to the point I could not bent my knees past right angle, pain in joints which made my nights a misery, frozen shoulder twice. When I saw the GP for my 2nd frozen shoulder, I was prescribed naproxen and a corse of high strength Vit d because it was a bit low. (Got steroid injection, physio and co-dydromol the 1st time and thought it did not help much). The naproxen/vit d did not speed up the recovery but had the benefit of helping with all my inflammation problems. It is far from perfect but so much better, I can crouch down and sleep fairly well now.

However, I do suffer from this weeping and grunge in my eyes when I wake, feeling that my nose and sinuses are all gunged up. I am waking with these headaches mostly at the base of my skull or behind my eyes at the moment. I did tell the GP about my eye and he said: one does not get eye problems with under active thyroid. And for base of neck thing: it's probably a touch of arthritis.

I have hashi since 2012 and am on 75mcg of Levo.

GP says when I have complained about my multiple symptom: it not you thyroid, you blood work is perfect. So it comes down to being pritty much on my own thumbing along trying this and that until I found something that works.


Yes we do have similar regarding our thyroid symptoms ,if I went above 75 levo 8 weeks ago I had very bad migraine and my hand couldn't open at night with inflammation and nausea and sinus felt sore , specialist wasn't bothered as I was " within range " was so ill so tried again 6 weeks later by increasing again once a week by 25 mg levo,headache isn't bad and jaw acing ,feels like pressure on one side off jawline ,inflammation not bad now but I know my Tsh is high at 3.31 but I can't raise my levo any quicker , no one knows why and doctor is bothered at all . Totally fed up with all this ,


Forgot to say I had steroid injection in my hand and it helped ,hand was great and not long after my other hand flared up and they would not accept that it was to do with my thyroid medicine ,got it sorted as my dose then was too high even though bloods were OK


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