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Thank you for yesterdays comments on my post

Thank you to everyone that commented on my post. I went to the docs & she agreed to put me on 25mcg of levo. (Not enough in my opinion based on what I was taking before, but the "standard starting point" Arrrh!!!!) I'm hoping it will at least get me to my next blood test in 8 weeks (I get that down from 12 weeks.) Ifit wasn't for you guys I wouldn't have even asked.

She said there is no alternative to levo or a T3 drug that they could give me, so unless levo turns out to be the "perfect cure all" I foresee that I will be back her in 8 weeks with my test results, asking for help with self medicating........

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25mcg is a starter dose for those with weak hearts or are quite old. Also 8 weeks is quite a long time - six would be better :-) Maybe there will be a few days when you will feel worse rather than better - just ride out the storm until you can have your dose raised.


It does seem like a rubbish dose. I am worried that I'm not doing the right thing....


You're definitely doing the right thing - your blood test results off the Armour/T3 combo were pretty sorry reading. Your doctor doesn't seem all that clued up on thyroid issues though. Honestly, 25mcg? Oh well. Think I'd make an appointment for 6 weeks and beg for 50mcg sooner rather than later.

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Thanks for your reply. Do you mean that I am doing the right thing by asking for Levo now? I was thinking about begging for more in about 2 weeks. Do you think I'll get fobbed off if I go in that early? I have also just put a new thread up asking if I should say "thanks but no thanks" to the Levo and just self medicate, so I don't have to start back at the beginning......If you get the chance, would you mind reading the post and giving me your thoughts?


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