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tests tests tests... every single one on this planet, except the ones i NEED

Well so it begins.. tests for alsorts coming through the post, but none requesting my t4 t3 ft3 and rt3... bloody marvellous... y do they insist on going round the houses... ITS MY THYROID MEDS. ... I need further help into my thyroid function thanx...the answer is there! not in my big toe .... seriously peed off now!

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rT3 isn't tested on NHS. If your GP can't, or won't, order FT4 or FT3 you can order your own tests and rT3 from Blue Horizon or Genova via


hi clutter, i have just ordered the saliva test for adrenals, and when i get paid i shall order the bloods...bad news wen we gotta do all the ground work...


I am so sorry, I was on the wrong website , or forum. Trust in your symptoms of Thyroid and find a holistic Dr. They can help you.


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