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Don't want to feel this way

Don't want to feel this way anymore. I have been dealing with a lot of brain fog. It's been disabling. I can't seem to function on a normal level. Hell I can't even think clear enough to go into a grocery store. And now I been getting the sensation as if someone has their hands around my neck. Always on the verge of passing out. I don't have medical insurance And don't even know if I can get it. Just wondering if there is anything I can do that's over the counter or natural that will help me some? Even just a little

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Hi 7658, Sorry to hear its been downhill for you. I see from your previous posts that you attached your bloods but the txt was to small, can you enter all your results manually ? fyi, you can obtain meds like NDT and T3 from the internet without a scrip but not 'over the counter'. Please share more about your symptoms too if poss.

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My brain fog went when I went gluten free. But you sound as though you need a physical exam and maybe a thyroid scan. If you put your hands above your head, does your face turn red?


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