Ali Can Comp!

Ali Can Comp!

With only 48 days to go until the end of the competition, we thought this might be a good time to remind you of the guesses so far!

Don't forget the next SurPrize Draw is on 2 Sept and each entry into the Ali Can Comp gets you an entry into the draw!

Full details of the competition can be found here:

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  • don't forget the extra SURprize draw as well as the final count prize ...up to £182 so far ---- we may get to the majic big 2 --- I've got a special for those that have supported the venture !!!! ......more to come , I will let you know when I sort it if that's o.k. ........ weird or what ???? ..... and never forget that the funds from the cans will ALWAYS go into your funds whatever they raise .......alan xxx

  • Thanks Alan! :D x

  • I have just posted the new ''DOOZY'' for the comp ..... hope this meets with your approval ..... I will liase with you next week or so for the o.k. and fine tuning if that's ok with you ......... it will give a little extra to those that supported from the start ----- btw any ideas for next years comp ?????....the weirder the better !!!!!!!.....super sting strikes again xxxxx

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