Teenager with hashimoto thyroiditis

Just wondering how many teens have this. My 14 year old was diagnosed Febuary 2016. Bloods showed anti thyroid antibodies 1080. Tsh 9. And Thyroid scan showed profusely swelled thyroid no nodules. Been on 50 mcg levothyroxin and 60000 units vitamin D twice a day. She has been on this 4 1/2 months. Has tiredness/dizziness and difficulty with weight gain. 5ft 6 inch and 6 stone 5. Under dietitian and fortified diet

Any sugesstion?

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  • Has your daughter had a re-test of her vitamin D levels since she was put that on that astonishingly high dose of vitamin D supplement? 120,000 units per day? And what kind of vitamin D is she taking?

    Since vitamin D supplementation will raise calcium levels as a side effect, a calcium level test would be a good idea too.

  • Hopefully Mum means 6000 IU's x 2 .....


    The above link takes you to the opposing view on VitD .....

    This does not mean I agree with the above - but the rationale should be considered :-)

  • She's been on 50 mcg levo for 4 1/2 months without retesting? She needs a retest now. She probably needs in increase in dose. 50 is just a starter dose.

    I agree with HB, he vit d needs retesting asap, too. Has she had her vit B12, folate and ferritin tested? They could be low, too, and need to be optimum.

    Do not let the dietician put her on a low-calorie diet - or a low-fat diet - it will not help her lose weight, and could make her put more on.

  • No she hasn't had a retest ... Though vitamin D she's Benn on for two months. She is due bloods 23rd of September. Dietian put her on diet to increase her weight as pre diagnosis she was 7 stone 12. They want her to increase her weight. Fate n ferritin were normal on last test. Also 23rd testing for coeliac too. She is not on a gluten free diet at present.

  • There's no such thing as 'normal'. Did you get the actual numbers for the Folate and Ferritin? Because you should never take your doctor's word for anything where thyroid is concerned, always, always get a print out of the results, with the ranges. What about the B12?

  • And she needs a retest now! Don't wait for September, that's much too long.

  • No print out but will obtain then n arrange retest

  • Good. :)

  • RETEST results were terrible

    Tsh 100

    T4 9.2

    ANTIBODIES 1300.

    plan to increase levothyroxin from 50 to 150 mg

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