Team Thyroid Get Mucky!

Team Thyroid Get Mucky!

This Saturday, in Brightlingsea, for reasons which escape me, I am taking part in a 10km muddy race. Joining me are Charlotte (our office admin), Neil (my fiancé) and Shez (Charlotte’s friend).

With the exception of Shez, none of us have done anywhere near enough training, so this is REALLY going to hurt!

At the same time, 2 lovely children will be doing 1 km junior race and Charlotte’s daughter Ella (due to 2 broken toes) will be blowing as many bubbles as she can!

If you are a member of this community, have ever visited our Facebook page ( or our main website ( If you have ever written to, emailed or telephoned Thyroid UK. If you have ever done any of these things and have found helpful information and support then perhaps you would consider sponsoring one of Team Thyroid in this mad challenge!

Thank you


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