Hi. As so many have kindly posted advice to me over last few months, I thought i'd update you.

Spoke to new GP today. She wants to run tests to find out why ferritn is low. Maybe it's low cos vampires keep taking blood???? ;-) Also wants to know if I have blood in urine - none seen so far... but if they want to play with that stuff, whom am I to object.

Anyway, I told my views on why it could be low, to which she responded that I'd "read too much". So thanks guys - I'm now "over read".... If only I was - I have much to learn.

The other news is that I "don't have a thyroid problem, only a risk of one"....

No doubt you guys have heard it all before.

If I sound a tad cynical, it's cos I've had 2 bad migraine days (which is an improvement on the usual), and feeling rather stressed and frustrated with just trying to be well.

Where else could I rant where I'd be understood? Huge thanks to you all.

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  • "You've read too much! - well, if we hadn't read most of us would still be in the depths of ill-health.

    Continue to read and learn and you will get better. If only we had co-operate doctors.

  • Has anyone tried to start a petition about the difficulties we have, so that it has to be discussed (and hopefully sorted) in parliament ?

  • There have been petitions galore about various aspects of thyroid treatment and/or the lack of it. Sadly, none of them seem to have made the slightest difference to anything.

  • I suspect it is about keeping costs down. If they admit we need meds, and labs, then it will cost the surgeries, and they may have to overspend their budget, you know that one we provide via tax and national insurance.

  • The daft thing is, if they treated us correctly and adequately we wouldn't need the anti-depressants, the BP meds, we are less likely to get heart attacks and strokes, we would have lower cholesterol, we would need less pain relief, fewer stomach acid prescriptions, less physio for aches and pains, fewer gut problems... Think of the money they could save!

  • Come on now, you're expecting highly trained docs to apply common sense. The two just don't go together in my experience. ;-)

  • You can contact Lyn Mynott of Thyroiduk.org.uk who has been pursuing this problem and started it from her front room then moved into a garden shed.


    You can join and become a member of TUK for £20 p.a. and we get quarterly updates and a Conference every few years. Last one was such an unbelievable success with brilliant speakers and also Dr Chris Steel of GMTV who is now one of our Advisers.

  • It's just a pity that doctors don't read as much as us!

  • I had been tempted to say that, but as I'm new to that practice, I was trying to be extra polite. ;-)

  • Hi - I used to get bad migraines too but they have stopped. I did a variety of things over a period of a year.

    1. Found out about food intolerances. Going gluten free was a big deal. Also had to give up wine because of sulphite intolerance & only drink other alcohol in moderation.

    2. Got my medication right - levothyroxine, T3, vitamins & minerals.

    3. Stopped taking ANY codeine or any migraine tablets. You have to tough out the first couple of migraines but one of my doctors told me that taking codeine brings on future migraines and it seems he was right.

    4. De-stressed my life.

    5. Started taking pilates classes once a week which helps with muscle tension in the shoulders.

    Maybe this sounds too simple but it worked for me! I have stopped getting migraines now. Good luck!!!

  • Hi Bluemaxx. This is interesting!!

    I've just looked back through diaries (I knew there was a reason for them ;-) ). Before taking tabs I had them every other month. Since taking migraine tabs, the frequency increased. Since starting Levo too, they became about every 7-10 days. The migraine meds didn't always work, so will experiment with your method of toughing it out.

    Alcohol intake is just a sip to taste (other half drinks it), but I'm wondering if even this is too much, as it can be next day that I suffer.

    Trying to check latest T4 labs - apparently that hasn't yet transferred to new GP.

    I was advised on this forum to build up iron levels, which I have been doing, albeit very slowly, and then I decided to risk asking GP for a supplement.... we won't go there.

    Perhaps taking the self medication route would avoid stress with docs.....

  • May I please follow you Greenwall as my ferritin is low and not responding to prescribed ferrous fumarate? What your GP discover could help me too.

  • No problem, but I think there are more interesting and more experienced folk to follow. ;-) Welcome onboard but batton down the hatches, as I don't expect plain sailing. I know, I know, I should try to be positive and optimisitc. ;-)

    Vampire appt isn't for another fortnight, and I guess it will be a week after that before I can discuss with GP, so I hope you can bear the suspense. ;-)

  • Hi thyr01d, I just came across: eaware.org/iron/ and wondered if it was of interest to you.

  • Hi. Finally saw new GP, who prescribed ferrous fumarate.

    Googled today and found:






    The first one summarises GP's plan if supplements don't work.

    Having looked at these, and reviewed diet, it maybe that I simple wasn't eating as healthily as I thought I was. Will know more in 2 months.

  • If you have difficulties getting enough ferrous fumarate prescriptions out of your doctor then just remember you can buy it from pharmacies without a prescription.

    If your prescriptions are free then obviously keep trying the doctor. But if you pay, just remember that if you are prescribed 1 box of FF then you are better off just paying for it without the prescription. If you are prescribed 2 or more boxes then you are better off with the prescription charge.

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