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Isn't this a contradiction

As someone had said that if your GP reduced your dose and you were fine on the higher dose the doctor was obliged to give it to you and I did not think this was the case, I contacted my local CCG to see what they say. They kept telling me that the doctor has a duty to take care of his patients the best way he thinks, that the welfare of his patient comes first and anything he prescribes (or doesn't, including the dosage) should be in the patient's best interest. Great - so how come when it is in the patient's interest and for better health, do they refuse to give a medication on the grounds of cost. So a contradiction? T3 is in the best interest of my patient but it costs too much. How to get over this dilemma. Along comes Godfather (GMC, BTF, guidelines etc.) "It is not in the interest of your patient - capisce?"

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What the CCG person couldn't tell you is that due to NHS budget restrictions they do the best for the patient the doctor thinks they can afford. This may be to give them inappropriate medication, ignore the patient and if the patient persists to strike them off the list.

Have you put your complaint in writing and asked for a final response? If so then you have to complain here -

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