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I had to plant some beans in pots and trough, ieven put copper round the pots but the slugs and snails got in! some of my beans shoots were eaten so now less beans, so I had no choice but to buy slug pellets, whichi am totally abhorrent of, however it did say harmless to veg and people and animals but here is the rub-- the poxy slugs and snails die immediately and the slime that they leave has attracted no end of blow flies, I am at my wits end ... any ideas please.

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  • Have you tried covering the plants and pot with horticultural fleece?

  • not fleece natchap, but I did use a net curtain on the peas and hey slugs have eaten all the pea shoots maybe I shall justgive up..

  • Ah that's a shame :-( You could grow them on the windowsill/conservatory until they are a few inches high and big enough to take a bit of slug munching? All this wet weather won't help, I have seen so many more snails in my garden this last week then I ever normally see.

  • apparently we have slug invaders from abroad this year who are BIG, so how do they get to Britain, 'slipped' in unnoticed, ?

  • so natchap. I have copper round the large tubs, the slugs an dsnails got in, mybroad beans are covered in black fly and the leaves have gone black and fallen off so all the blooms on the broad beans have gone even the potoato tops have been eaten I am very very cross , the peas have been eaten by slugs and snails.. end of my veg..

  • Oh dear, I'm sorry :-( That's so disappointing! I must admit that I have never had any luck growing broad beans..same problem as you. I just don't know a solution to your slug and snail problem. We have a pond which houses lots of frogs and we also have 2 hedgehogs which frequent our garden so I'm guessing between them they keep the slugs at bay. I'm amazed that even the potato tops have been munched!! I think I would be waging war on them, I wouldn't be able to let them win ;-)

  • When I lived in mid wales,I used to use pots as much as possible,because the slugs are HUGE there.I had a lovely collection of hostas-the only way I found to keep them slug-free was to amass a collection of really big plastic"saucers"for pots from garden centres.I would keep these permanently topped up to make a "moat"You can get quite big ones,quite cheaply. Some people advocate filling the moats with stale beer,but that kills the slugs & you then have the yuck factor you describe.

    I found slug pellets unacceptable because of what you describe-the yuck factor!

  • I've used the beer, cider, or yeast, sugar and water method you suggest.

    It does have a yuck factor. I've found like other people found that birds and other animals like fermented slug or snail. So you go and look and often find the entire pot empty.

    Alternatively I put on a pair of gloves and chop them up with scissors. Then dispose of them where the birds can eat them.

  • oh dear I couldn't chop them up please come round an ddo that dastardly deed blue bug..

  • yes Naomi an dthe yuck factor is the blow flies, it really 'peas' me off!

  • get a hedgehog.

  • when i grow beans I plant them and cut a used plastic bottle cut both ends and put them over the beans , put a cane inside the bottle and tie the bean plant to the cane, usually helps.

  • that sounds a good idea but also I have found the buggers crawl up the stalks and feast... I suppose the only way really is to get a greenhouse?

  • I had no idea all thes e replies were her thankyou girls as I didn't have any notifications on email!

  • Remember that slugs go through the ground too. So if you use copper tape you also need to protect the holes in the bottom of your pot. (I hope it does work because I've just bought a load to protect my nice new hostas!)

  • yes forgot that

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