Addicted to licquorice?

Hi there, I have Hashimoto's, but I think there is something else going on too. Is anyone else addicted to licquorice? I drink licquorice tea all day - I know there is a warning on the box to limit the amount you drink, but I feel as though I need it as if there is something that my body is short of.

I have always loved licquorice, but the "need" for it seems to have grown with my Hashi's diagnosis nearly 4 years ago. I am now self treating on NDT (Thiroyd from Thailand), as my Dr and endo are really clueless and ignore symptoms, just treat according to TSH!!!! I had to fight to stay on a dose which made me feel OK and then started getting symptoms of TED (dry eyes, grittiness in the eyes and then eventually blulging eyes.

When I got drops from the principal Dr of my practice, he noticed that I had been referred to an eye consultant in January 2016 for a glaucoma check because of an abnormal "puff" test during my eye exam. He said then (in April) did they tell you your eyes are bulging"? When I said no, he just said OK and offered no suggestions.

At that point I just gave up and decided to start the NDT which I had already purchased. I gradually increased to 2 grains slowly following the suggestions in STTTM, but having my Blue Horizon blood results at the beginning of May and noticing my B12 was only just in range, I took the advice of the wonderful members on this forum and started supplementing with B12. I have been able to reduce my dose to 1.5 grains and feel well most of the time.

I would be grateful for any views on the licquorice please. Is it adrenal issue?

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  • Hi Rita-D

    Just be careful. A blood pressure monitor doesn't cost a lot and may save your life. we hypos are prone to high blood pressure anyway. Check with a monitor regularly to ensure your 'addiction' ( and tbh there are lots worse things to be addicted to...) wont cause a stroke

    Best to you Rita :D

  • Yup. Me too, liquorice tea. Something going on with it and adrenals, I think. Same craving. I'm Hashis.

  • Prolonged and excessive intake of liquorice can increase in the activity of cortisol.

  • Add me to the list cant get enough of the stuff, would eat it all day although i am not Hashis, i did see a herbalist a while back who prescribed me Liquorice tea he said it helps the adrenals, but i had to give it up to expensive to carry on seeing him.

    But i do crave it and love all things Liquorice, will be interesting to see what other members say.


  • I thought been Hypo you tended to have low bp, am no expert by any means i know for me my bp has always been on the low side 110/70 was my last check which was yesterday.


  • me too

  • Can be either. Some hypos have high blood pressure, and some have low.

  • Might be good to try a period without liquorice and monitor the effect on your symptoms. I believe liquorice decreases the breakdown of cortisol and can raise blood pressure.

    I've read here that selenium supplements and gluten free diet can improve TED. Cortisol is needed to dampen the inflammation caused by food sensitivities, so this may be an area to explore,, eg Paleo Autoimmune Protocol.

  • My endo asked me one day out of the blue if I ate a lot of liquorice. I said I liked liquorice but no, didn't eat a lot of it particularly and asked why he asked. He said it was a common sign of adrenal problems - something to do with craving salty food.

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