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Help needed

I went to my doctors saying I thought I had an underactive thyroid as got list online of symptoms and I ticked a lot off, have had my blood tested and everything was ok. So I am left in limbo with being tired all the time ,no energy, flaky skin, body hair loss, dizziness and many others does anybody have any ideas, my doctor just said get plenty of fresh air and move about, I suffer badly from osteoarthritis so its not always easy to get around. Pease if anybody has got any ideas let me know.

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You need to ask for a copy of the results of the tests your doctor did including reference ranges. I wouldn't be surprised if all he/she did was a TSH test, but you need to know for certain.

You could get private tests done. See here for details, including details of some discounts which are available :

You can get finger prick tests done from these particular sites that are very useful for checking your thyroid thoroughly and also getting some basic nutrient levels tested :

Look for the Thyroid Plus 6, Thyroid Plus 10, Thyroid Plus 11. Personally, I would recommend the Plus 11 but make sure you choose the finger prick test.

There is also a Thyroid Plus 12 test which includes everything in the Plus 11 and also includes a reverse T3 test. This is NOT a finger prick test, and you would need someone to take blood for you.


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