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NHS Consultant sympathetic to combined T4/T3 treatment in the North Herts/Beds/Cambs area?

Does anyone know of a consultant in the above areas who is sympathetic to a combined T4/T3 regime, in the areas above? I have Hasimotos and have been on combined T4/T3 medication for the last 13 years, having done badly on T4 only for the first three years after diagnosis. My endocrinologist, who was sympathetic to combined treatment, retired around 15 months ago and the replacement I am seeing is firmly of the belief that Levothyroxine is the only way to go; he has systematically reduced my levels of liothyronine over the last 15 months - resulting in my putting on almost 2st in weight and, by March, being unable to work. Last time I saw him he told me that I was his only patient on Liothyronine and effectively said he was determined to get me off it; I managed to pressure him into raising the dose by 20 mcg every other day, and my doctor has written to him and he has raised it to 20mcg daily, but reduced my T4 . I have felt better over the last 6 - 8 weeks but am still struggling to some degree, on 75mcg less than what was my optimal combined dose (taking liothyronine to be 5 times more effective than Levothyroxine).

I am afraid that the consultant will use the addition of T3 to PresQuipp's drop list as an excuse to stop prescribing T3 altogether. My GP is happy to refer me to another consultant but I don't know how to find one who is sympathetic. If anyone can help, please reply or PM me.

thanks very much


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Why not simply self treat with NDT and save the hassle of dealing with these idiots


Sorry, not getting any notification of replies and PMs for some reason. What is NDT? I have been doing fine on the combined medication at the right levels for years, and the consultant who has retired was more interested in how you were feeling, unlike this one!


NDT is dessicated pigs thyroid which contains t1 t2 t3 t4 and calcitonin

It was used long long before levothyroxine was foisted onto the market

My husband,daughter and 3 of the 4 hypothyroid grandaughters all are only well on NDT

They simply cannot tolerate either levo or t3


Is it on prescription? The health trust I am with now will only treat and prescribe if you are under the care of a hospital consultant so if any issues arose then there would probably be problems - especially as I have pernicious anaemia, fibromyalgia, osteopenia and a number of other issues which require me to remain on good terms with my GP practice! And the consultant, as I mentioned originally, is ONLY in favour of thyroxine; when I saw him last at the end of March and pressured him into increasing my T3 dose slightly (which definitely helped my thought processes and energy levels a bit) he said that I was his only patient on T3 and he was only continuing to prescribe it at all because I had already been on it before he took up the post.


Endos and gps can prescribe Armour thyroid =ndt on prescription on a named patient basis or you can import it yourself and treat your self as many others do very successfully

It will probably deal with the fibro and osteopeania while its at it because my husband was told he had both many many years ago but not now and he is 73


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