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What is considered to be low temperature?

Hi, all.

In the past twelve months or so that I have been following this forum I have read a lot about low temperature being a symptom of HypoT. I actually didn't get around to buying a thermometer until a couple of months ago. Since then I've established that my temperature fluctuates between 35.9 to 36.4. I'm on 3grains Thyroid S (about six weeks). before that I was on 50mg Levo with one grain NDT, and before that I was on 3grains NDT. Have a blood test booked with Blue Horizon. Feel undermedicated, but am waiting for test results before increasing. Fatigue, muscle aches, trigger finger and increasingly bad heel pain. No brain fog since I became very very strict about gluten/wheat free.

I believe that my mother (84yrs) is undiagnosed HypoT, and probably has been for all of my living memory. My daughter is undiagnosed HypoT. Had thyroid tests at my suggestion - TSH 14 but Dr wouldn't treat. (They both have diagnosis of fibromyalgia).

My 15yr old grandaughter is showing all the signs and symptoms that we all have, so this morning we took her temperature. It was 36.1.

So. My question is, how low is low temp for symptom of HypoT? 6months ago her TSH was 1.8. I had requested thyroid tests because we couldn't work out why she felt so bad. They didn't check T4 and T3 as I'm sure you can imagine! I can't remember what her vitD and B12 were, but I'd already been reading a lot about these and I don't remember that they flagged up in my brain as being low. I booked blood tests for her as well.

I'd so appreciate your thoughts, even though I know that we really need to get those blood results back.

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TSH >10 is overtly hypothyroid. Protocol is to recheck the first abnormal result 2-3 months later to rule out non-thyroidal illness. Your daughter should ask her GP to retest.

The average body temperature, taken with a thermometer in the mouth, is 37ºC (98.6ºF), but anywhere between 36.5ºC and 37.2ºC (97.7ºF and 99ºF) can be considered normal. Armpit temperatures are 0.2ºC to 0.3ºC lower than this. A fever in adults is a temperature of 38ºC (100.4ºF) or above.

Taking Your Temperature | Choose Well



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