Skydive Event!

Skydive Event!

Just to let you know that the Skydive event on Saturday was a HUGE success!

Unfortunately, due to the great British weather, not enough people were able to complete the jump to beat the world record, but they are hoping to have another go next year - just in case anyone is interested! :D

Thyroid UK would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Dave Oakes, Josh Wicks, Hatty Leggett-Auld and Ben Harley for taking part in this event! And to everyone who sponsored them!

They are still collecting in money so we don't yet have a total for sponsorship, but it should be over £1,500!

Their sponsorship pages will remain open for a little while longer in case anyone would like to add to this total! Thanks!



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  • Louise,

    Well done!

  • Fantastic! I didn't know about this event and I will happily donate to 'add to the total' LOL. Well done all round x

  • Brilliant! Thanks! xx

  • Done and dusted! xx

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