Referral to NHS endo department in the North West

My GP wants to refer me to an endo department, as I have been promised T3 (when that is going to materialise is another matter). I am not happy with my nearest NHS hospital, where I was given rubbish treatment last year. I live on the Wirral. Has anyone had any experience of either the Royal Liverpool or Countess of Chester? I understand that we can now choose which hospital we are treated at. Is this true and how would I find out which hospitals I can choose from?

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  • Hi

    I go to the Calderdale Royal and I was prescribed T3 by the endo, its in the next county from me.

  • What is the name of the endo? Do you know if he addresses adrenal issues?

  • Could you pm me his name please?

  • I was under Liverpool Royal for 14 years after I paid to jump the queue and see an endo there privately and being diagnosed with primary hypothyroidism. They ignored my high Tsh for 14 years and continued to prescribe 220+mcg daily of T4 only until I did my own research and threatened to self medicate off the internet, and I got T3. I think the main consultant there may have retired now (Prof V) but I don't know how much things have changed) I'm now under Prof W at Fazackerley and still on T3. He is okay and better than some as it goes. Only got to see him after I rejected another endo consultant at Fazackerley who I had no confidence in who I think may also have retired now. You have to kiss a few frogs as they say! I live in Crosby North Liverpool. Hope this helps and you get sorted out

  • Thanks M, I will ask my GP to refer me to Prof W.

  • Now I think about it, you say he is 'ok'. Is he sympathetic, pleasant, interested, patient centred, up to date, willing to manage me taking T3, not bound by blood results. Or is that too much to ask, do you think?

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  • oo yes, sorry. Got carried away.

  • Don't know whether I can say any more via this forum. I can tell you more if you need me to. What is the best way to contact you?

  • Thanks to all for all your help. I just hope I don't have to use it!

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