On Uni Pharma for 2 weeks now, when should I increase my dose?

Hi folks. Since my GP refused to prescribe T3 and I felt awful on Levo ( I gained almost 30 lbs during several years on it), now I've been self medicating for 2 weeks with Uni Pharma T3 I ordered online. I take just 1/2 of tablet at the moment but my temperature and energy improved and it seems to me metabolism as well :) Now I would like increase to 1 tablet. Is it right to do it after 2 weeks? Would appreciate your opinion. Oh, just to add that I take 150 mcg of Levo now so when I increase my T3 to 1 tablet how much less of Levo I should take? Thanks.

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  • Coleyfish,

    It will help members advise if you post your recent thyroid results and ranges.

  • My pill cutter wasn't very good at halving them, so I went to 25mcg after a day. T3 is reckoned to have three times the effect of Levo, so I initially cut my Levo by 75 mcg however my GP had allowed my TSH to increase to above 4 so I soon reverted to the full amount (150 mcg) of Levo.

    150 mcg T4 + 25 mcg T3 is the sort of ratio that tests have found patients to prefer, and is close to the 140 + 33 I get currently, from four grains of NDT.

    It is not generally advisable to make rapid dosing changes, but with my Levo it could be seen as a blip. I'm not "there" yet, and have tried a higher T3:T4 ratio. Doubling T3 was too much for me -- but easy to revert.

  • I also first started taking T3 with one tablet, so 25 mcg. I think you can safely go from a half of tablet to a whole one after 2 weeks, if you feel well.

  • I started on a 1/4 and increased by 1/4 every 2/3 weeks. Started slow as didn't want to over do it and have to start all over again

  • Thank you all. I decided to go slow and took 1/4 more instead of 1/2. So now I am on 3/4 and will stay on it for 2 weeks again and then maybe increase again by 1/4. I cut my Levo to 100 mcg. I can really only do all this by how I feel, my GP never tested anything else except TSH for years.

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