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Can you just stop t3 or can you taper down?

i posted yesterday about my GP not prescribing t3 after she did for a month previously. I am down to two days of meds now and I won't receive any in time if I order privately ( which is what I did previously before GP prescribed)

I spoke to my Nhs Endo's secretary and he said that he would get him to sort it out but I haven't heard anything back and realistically I may not hear until Monday.

I am going to run out and I don't know what effect that is going to have. I'm sure that I read years ago that it was not advisable to do this. I did think of ringing the GP to ask if they would consider giving me two weeks supply so that I can either taper down or order some privately. I am not sure if this would interfere if the nhs Endo is sorting things out his end.

Does anyone also know if there are adverse effects? Thanks :)

Carolineanne x

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You can stop T3 without weaning off. I'm thyroidless and had to stop T3 for 2 weeks on 2 occasions for RAI. It may be worth asking your GP for a 2-4 week supply while you source alternative replacement but I wouldn't delay ordering your own T3 as it is likely to take 7-10 days for delivery after ordering.


Thank you. That is a relief :)


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