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Just been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism

Hi Community,

Just been diagnosed after 2 years of going to the Dr's telling them I'm not 79 I'm 39 and shouldn't need this much sleep!

Anyway I have swollen legs and an xray has showed fluid on my lungs and a 'consolidation on my lung' with 'plural infusion'....

has anyone else got these as a result of under active thyroid?

Thanks in advance ... :)

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Welcome to our forum Kiers27

Your story is quite familiar to many on the forum and swelling is one clinical symptom and I'll link below others as your GP may think they are separate from hypothyroidism when maybe you need a rise in hormones:

You can also become a member of, (link above from website) for £20 per annum and you get four quarterly magazines etc.

It is a learning curve and swelling is common in hypothyroidism as it is caused by our low metabolism.

First always get a print-out of your blood test results (with the ranges - labs differ) and it makes it easier to comment.

For your blood tests for thyroid hormones the appointment should be the earliest possible and don't eat before it.

Also allow about 24 hours since your last dose of levothyroxine and the test and take it afterwards.

Levo should be taken with one glass of water when you get up and don't eat for around an hour.

Also ask for Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate plus B12 to be checked.

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Awesome thanks, this is a really helpful forum and I am grateful for your reply.

Need to set aside some time (something which is presious) to swot up on all this and get control. X


Kiers27 Can I ask what prompted the chest x-ray?

Pleural effusion and consolidation on the lung (or pulmonary consolidation) are usually caused by infection. Have you recently had a chest or lung infection, pleurisy or pneumonia?

There is wet pleurisy and dry pleurisy, wet pleurisy is where the normal amount of fluid around the lungs increases abnormally and is known as pleurisy with effusion.

I have recently had both pleurisy and pneumonia and they had nothing to do with my hypothyroidism .

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Thanks so much for your detailed reply.

Haven't had a cold or cough since Dec 15, that was a bad chest infection. But nothing more since.

Docs are treating me with strong anti biotics so hope that clears this up.

Wasn't sure if it was to do with my heart not working properly due to the thyroid and therefore not pumping the blood round and collecting excess water along the way. My legs and ankles were also full of fluid which I have been given a diuretic for.🙄 (39 yrs old in a 79yr olds body) :))

Hope you are feeling better now and your infection has all gone.


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