Advice needed for uni-pharma dosage

Hello all

I had a private prescription from my endo of 10 mcg Liothyronine (Mercury pharma) along with 50mcg Levo. Previously had been taking 150 mcg Levo for years

Following first blood results I was advised to increase dosage of Levo to 75 mcg with the 10 mcg T3 (can't remember exact results but T3 was just outside normal to the low side) I will be getting a blood test next week.

I have now bought T3 from Greece and the maker is Uni-pharma, it comes in 25 mcg tabs. I have started taking 25mcg T3 (self prescribed) plus my 75 mcg of Levo

My question is, is 25 mcg a low or high dose? I feel good so far on it, no more palpitations etc

Any advice welcome!

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  • T3 is 3 to 4 times stronger than T4

    But how your body uses it must be part of the equation I'm sure.

    If it's 4 times stronger then you are taking the equivalent of an extra 100mcgs of Levo.

    If you were already taking 10mcgs of T3 then maybe you could halve this new tablet and take 12.5 mcgs for a few weeks and then maybe raise to 3/4 of a tablet.

    I'm a great believer in go slow with thyroid meds. When you don't they can suddenly hit you very hard and it's not nice..

  • Thanks for the advice joesmum, I will do that

  • There's no need to worry. Many use Unipharma T3 and feel fine. Usually the 'effect of MP T3' is around 60mcg to about 75mcg of T4. and 25mcg Unipharma between 75mcg and 100mcg. The main question which you've answered is 'how do you feel' and if fine that's the dose for you regardless of blood tests. When T3 is added into the mix of levo (T4) or NDT the blood tests were only for the use of levothyroxine alone. If you develop a fast pulse or higher temp then reduce very slightly down.

  • Thanks for that information. It's quite a steep learning curve on this site!

  • At least we've got a better chance than being constantly unwell due to the emphasis placed on the TSH alone with disregard of our symptoms. :)

  • I have to add that, if you weren't converting the levo very well, then 25 mcg T4 is equal to nothing at all. It might be best, as joesmum says, to start low and increase slowly until your body gets used to it.

  • Thanks greygoose, I have now altered my doseage of t3 to half tab, so 12.5mcg and will monitor. Thanks for the advice

  • You're welcome. :)

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