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Should I be worried or do I have to sit tight?

I have been recommended T3 by endo. Went to GP Monday who will write to him re dosing etc as she hadn't heard of it. There is no sense of urgency and she didn't seem to get how ill I am and how quickly my health is deteriorating on 75 mcg levo. She ran the usual bloods, so now have to wait for them too.I am virtually bed ridden and can't function. Am getting alarmed. I am also waiting for some T3 online which won't be here for a few days at least. any advice please?

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Your endo should write to your GP recommending Liothyronine (T3) and specifying the dose and whether there should be any reduction in Levothyroxine. GPs are trained that Levothyroxine is the treatment for hypothyroidism so it is not surprising your GP isn't familiar with other treatments or acronyms like T3 and NDT.

Your results should be available in a day or two. If you post them with the ranges in a new question members will advise how much T3 to add.


Thanks, Clutter. I'll post the results when they come in.


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