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Be for taking my medication I did not feel that bad

Do not feel to bad most of the day on till tea time about 4 or 5 then get heavy head palpitations and feel really worn down on 75mg and doctor only took my TSH but I have not been very good on this mediation dort think it agree with been it about a year can not see to get passed 75mg I did take 100mg for about 2 weeks and how it made me feel I could not live like I was in the A&E thinking I was having a Hart attack folse alarm could not think straight food went through me I was just a mess I think I would of been better of gone than if I had to put up with that that no live to live like that I was OK a year ago then had blood test doctor said your tsh is high not a clue he was on about and said ok then he said you will have to take mediation for the rest of my life started taking that mediation and felt just not right sense.I ask for my blood tests and all he did was tsh

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If you have your blood test results post with the range. Start a new thread doing this so people can see it.

If you don't have them go to the surgery and request them as you have the right to under the Data Protection Act.

If asked why you want them just say for your own records.


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