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I visited my doctor armed with the guidance I was given here and explained that I definitely wanted my blood test results. They dragged a dusty consent form out from under a desk and having filled it in I will hear back in 10 days. It is a large group practice so I was surprised it was low tech but I am stupidly excited at the prospect of getting my results soonish

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If you requested your most recent test results your GP or receptionist should have been able to print them off for you immediately. If you requested your manual and electronic summary records they will need a few days to photocopy them. I was charged £50 for my manual and electronic summary records which is the maximum patients can be charged.


Hi Clutter

I was happy to settle for the most recent but it might still take 10days. I suspect it is to discourage people. I can live with it this time and will know enough now to fill a form in immediately next time. I plan to have a private test done anyway because I doubt they will have done T3. Appreciate your help very much


They shouldn't be reluctant, you are entitled to them under the data protection act. I was lucky, the first lot which were test results over the past two years were free. The gp just printed them out there and then. I then wanted the previous 10 years! I sent a cheque for £10 and within 10 days had 14 pages of photocopies. I assume the cheque was cashed, not checked yet. I will have to do this again though with another source as there are a lot missing. They said they didn't have them.


I don,t mind paying I just want to be able to take part in understanding my own health. They don't make it easy but I will press on

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Different practices have different practises.

My current GP practice doesn't print of test results immediately. You have to give them your name and address, state the test results you want and come back in 3 days to collect the print out.

In my previous practice I asked the receptionist for the test results. She said as there were no forms or anything, and she had been told anything she would just give me all she could if I gave my name and address. She then printed them all out there and then.

Both practices are large group practices who have one or two other practices in the area.


I am surprised these are not on line but I suppose they may get there


Not all practice managers and doctors are technology savy so they take ages to implement online records. Even now if you book appointments in advance the majority are only available if you phone up. This is really annoying especially as being multiple practice I have 2 surgeries within walking distance.


You should not have to fill in a form, your results are YOURS by right.


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